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The Art of Displaying Your Family Pictures on the Wall

Are you proud of your family’s history or need to display your memories together before your guests? Do you need to remember the amazing times spent with your sons every night before you sleep? You can display such pictures in different ways to create different effects taking into consideration the design and style of your home.

You can display your family pictures in your living room to greet your guests. In this case, you can install then directly at the center of the wall opposite to the front door. If you need to remind your family members with the connection among them, you can display the pictures on the wall above the fireplace or beside the sofa. You can use one family picture as wallpaper to fill the wall and display your stylish taste.

It will be a great idea to install your family pictures on the wall of your long and narrow hallway or your staircases, because such walls are empty most of the times. The dining room is another interesting option, as it is the gathering place for your family members and guests alike. You can display family pictures alone or along with artworks according to the size of the room.

The way of displaying your family pictures should attract the attention and decorate the wall without cluttering the look of the place. For example, if you have a gallery of several pictures with unified colors and sizes, you can display them vertically and horizontally in a puzzle look.

If these pictures tell a serial story, you can arrange them within one large frame. If you need to display only one picture, you can use a wire or decorative wooden frame and hang the picture directly on the wall or on a wall-mounted shelf.

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