The Art of Using Natural Colors and Materials with Bates Design Association

The natural colors and materials create a timeless, powerful, and relaxing home. Such natural elements will blend perfectly with the classic, cottage, contemporary, and high-end home styles. The designs of Bates Design Association can inspire you with different ways to use such natural elements in your home.

The timeless classic colors and materials are still trendy and inviting because of their natural elements. In a 90’s home, the team members of Bates Design Associates create a remodel using the shades of beige and brown along with natural color accents including blue, white, gold, and green.An elegant French touch with natural materials creates a fabulous look in a formal home. The team use framed paintings of natural views, fresh green plants, natural stone surfaces, and wooden furniture to provide such a formal home a timeless and vivid look.

The natural colors along with natural light and air create a fabulous look in any home. The designers of Bates Design association try to make use of the outdoor marvelous views creating three windows in the kitchen and floor-to-ceiling windows in the rooms. The wooden floor and furniture in addition to the natural stone countertops create a sense of harmony in the place.

Such natural elements can provide your home both functional and decorative look. For example, the team members of Bates designers use a natural colored wooden piece of wood as a fireplace mantel and create balance using similar colored shutters and black wood open shelves in the living area of Texas Hill country home.

Just like the indoor setting, you can use natural materials and colors in the outdoor yard or patio to create a sense of harmony in the place. The outdoor seating area can include upholstered lounge chaise and a wooden table or several seats with wooden backs and a matching table.