attic living room – Clever Usages of Attic Rooms

Your attic is considered as a neglected treasure that could be used as an additional room in your small house. It will need a few preparations to become a modern and a stylish room to serve as a living room, a bedroom, a study room, a home office, or a play room. Here are a few steps to prepare your attic room.

To maintain the validity of your attic, you will need to make sure that there are no cracks or damp areas. Then prepare adequate electric outlets and overhead light, wall sconces, and task light to give the attic an illuminating light. Now, you will need to prepare the insolation and ventilation systems. Design your attic carefully for the type of the attended room and try to benefit from the unused areas. The furniture should be small and lightweight to avoid cluttering the room.

Your attic can serve as a play room to give your children a suitable space to play freely. You will just need to place shelves to store their toys and area rug to give them warmth. It could serve as a bedroom for your teenager who needs more privacy or even for you to have an adequate time of relaxation. You will need a minimalist bed and some chairs that may be added in the low ceiling area. If you need additional bathroom, you can prepare one in the attic. The toilet will be suitable in the low ceiling area and the sink will need a skylight above.

For the attic living room, you can add built-in shelves, drawers, or cupboards because you will need to store the TV and computer’s belongings. Let the natural light enter your attic living room to give it a spacious look. Then try to paint your attic using the colors that will reflect the natural light such as the white or bright colors.