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Avoid Cluttering your Kitchen

Reasons why you should avoid cluttering your kitchen, Friends always have things in common; one thing I have in common with all of my friends is that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I have everything in the kitchen; I have a small TV so that I will iron all my husband’s and kids’ clothes in front of my favourite series. I have all the cleaning stuff in one of the cabinets and only the basic kitchen utensils in the other ones. My kitchen is not that big but it is indeed my empire and my comfort place. The key is effective organisation to every single piece in your kitchen. But how to do that if you stack all sorts of things in there?!

Commercials always provide you with all the things that you need, but what happens when there is no need? It us marketers job to create the need to this product of theirs. It is no harm to buy what you really need but do not just buy whatever your eyes happen to see. “you do not need it” this is what you should tell yourself convinced that the things that you do not have are endless and it is not normal to stack things you never use.

kitchens are one of the widely stacked places at any home and that is why it is not recommended to clutter your house in general and your kitchen in particular as this cause the flow of energy to be blocked. Over cluttering as well causes a major inefficiency in the working kitchen triangle. The next time you think of adding anything to your kitchen, think twice as it is highly impractical for your movement flow. Always invite your children into the kitchen and spend the best quality time ever in a clutter free kitchen.

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