Awesome Bedroom Decorating Secrets Inspired from Karen Sealy’s Projects

If you consider your bedroom as just a functional space for sleeping and storing your belongings, you waste several types of life pleasure. Your bedroom is a space to relax, experience peaceful hours with your lovers, and even enjoy your hobbies; so, make sure to decorate it in accordance with your personality.

Installing a fireplace to your bedroom is a great idea that will provide the place a unique personality and let you enjoy the relaxing warmth most of the year. Karen recommends a contemporary electric fireplace with glass surround and a remote control to adjust the heat as per your needs. To enhance your relaxation and a pop of color to your bedroom, you can install geometric shaped panels to reduce the sound in the place with your favorite finish and color.

You can bring unique warmth in a natural way to your bedroom using cottage decorative elements such as patterned wallpaper, distressed colored quilt, circular sneaky cushions, and outdoor-looking chairs made of painted wood. It is not necessarily to have a neutral colored room to add vibrant colors to your bedroom. The point is to use a patterned or printed piece of fabric that gathers all the colors of the room to create a lively and harmonized look in the place.

The natural light is a hygienic and aesthetic part of your bedroom décor. In several renovation projects, Sealy and her team turn the small windows to large or even floor-to-ceiling windows and even install sun tunnels and skylights to the rooms without windows.

Instead, you can install wallpaper with reflective surfaces to enhance the natural light coming from your small window. The artificial light is man’s best friend, especially in the bedroom. According to the lighting fixtures you will use, you can easily define its placement, but you need to use different lighting options in your living room to change the mood as per your needs.