Awesome Multi-functional Table Designs to Save Your Home Space

Your dreams of having a spacious home do not mean necessarily to get a new and larger home. However, you can purchase space saving furniture pieces to give you the needed function without talking a considerable space. Here is a collection of multi-functional tables that will certainly add a great value to your small home.

The table with a storage space will organize your room giving you an additional space. The top of this table is made of different parts that can slide to different directions to reveal the storage space underneath giving you an additional tray.

The rotor is a small and low table that has several rotating parts in the middle, while the upper and lower parts are fixed. This table may come witha sleek black cover or an aluminum base covered with a layer of white lacquer and a circular black glass tabletop.

The rotating square coffee table can extend in a unique way, as its square parts can create spaces among them to let you place more items on the table. Such a table is made of birch plywood to add a natural touch to your home. The Tre table consists of one sheet of woodthat may serve as a coffee table, a computer table, a laptop stand, a dinner tray, and an end table.That is because you can use the table on different sides and with different positions.

You can save your home space using the Gemelli coffee table with a steel base and two glass tops. Such a table will create an elegant and stylish look in your home giving you the benefits of two tables. All of these multi-functional tables can blend perfectly with your modern home, but you will certainly find similar tables for any home style and decor.

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