Baby Bedroom Design: Safe and Practical

Babies are such amazing gifts that breathe new life into your home. As a new parent, you may get so excited about welcoming your baby that you feel attracted to buy extra furniture items. You may even wonder whether your baby will like your style or not. Well, when it comes to your baby’s bedroom, it is a matter of safety and evoking tranquility. Here are some ideas that will help you create a peaceful bedroom for your little baby.


In order to create that calm and serene environment, consider light shades of colors. If it is a baby boy, green, blue, yellow and orange are good options for painting the walls. Pink is your friend if it is a baby girl. White and creamy are more than perfect especially for the flooring; since you can easily ensure that it is always clean and safe. Consider also light shaded wood when buying the furniture.


The focal item of your baby’s room is the crib. Make sure that the crib is durable and deep enough for the baby’s safety. The slats should be vertical to avoid climbing out of the crib and so close to prevent his head from getting stuck. It is recommended to get a high quality crib and mattress. Alternatively, you can buy a crib that converts into a bed so it will last till your baby is five. Remember to place the crib away from windows or the direct sunshine.


After getting the crib and baby proofing the room for safety, you may need to get these necessary items: A changing mat on the floor instead of the standard changing table in order to avoid falling, an infant monitor, a sturdy wood drawer or closet for storage, a stylish sheer curtain, colorful teddy bears, baby toys; and most importantly, a comfortable rocking chair for you to enjoy nursing, reading or relaxing.

It is important to have your time as a parent, ask for expert advice, and maybe follow your intuition to provide a secure environment for your baby. At the end of the day, look for safety and practicality when designing the baby’s bedroom. This is his small world, the place that combines tranquility, peace and fun.

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