Balanced Beach Themed Home Decor Ideas Inspired from Jody Sokol Designs

Man’s love for nature is an intuitive instinct that can provide him comfort and happiness. When you visit an island or a forest, you will certainly wish to bring its elements into your home. Actually, Jody Sokol is ready to inspire you with creative ideas to bring such island and beach feel directly to your home.

It is an easy task to furnish a beach-themed room on budget, because you should just balance the colors and glamour. Jody Sokol uses off-white, muted silver fabrics along with blue accents, and creates balance using grey patterned curtains, a hardwood side table, and a classic chair. The large windows with mirrored coffee table create the perfect amount of glamour in the place.

To use untraditional colors in your beach-themed home, you can inspire your ideas from such a Hampton’s beach house decorated by Jody Sokol team. The team members use white and cream colors with black or light brown accents in the bedrooms and kitchen to provide them a comforting and luxurious look, yet they use rich purple in the formal living spaces using large windows to create an airy look in the place.

The stone or brick walls are the best ways used by Jody Sokol to create a balance in a beach-themed living room. Such a room should have large doors and windows if you have outdoor water features or natural views to let you combine the interior warm feel with the outdoor inspiring look.

The crisp white bathroom with mold resistant tiles and cabinets is a perfect space to spend stress-free and comforting time. When you intend to remodel such a place, you can install dark blue glass or mosaic tiles to accentuate the shower area, rain showerhead, and frameless glass door to create an authentic beach feel.