Baroque living room ideas

The baroque style is known by its dramatic colors, opulent design, and royal look. The term “Baroque” indicates to the period between the sixteenth and eighteenth century when the artists try to evoke people’s emotions. Your living room with the baroque style will be too impressive and magnified.

To give your living room a first impression baroque style, the walls need to be bold and striking to give the room enormous sense of movement, energy, and tension. You may use gold, peach, deep red, brown, and hunter green. Painting your living room in the French baroque style should give intense emotions and artistic sense. The fresco style and the colorful, sophisticated, and detailed wallpaper on your living room’s wall at the beginning of your carpet will enhance the baroque theme.

The living room’s basic items of furniture are the sofa, coffee table, end table, console table, and television armoire. Try to choose the items of furniture that represent the baroque style. It is known by its curved and ornamented golden wood with rounded lines. The soft and romantic drapes made of silk or taffeta in an extravagant way and tied with silver and gold tassels along with bed covers made of the woven fabrics are great ideas for your baroque living room.

The most prominent item in the baroque rooms is the crystal chandelier with its golden or brass fixture. You can add your personal touch adding fabric lampshades to give unity to the room’s different items. It would be great idea if you can use fabric window treatment gathering the bottom with the top to result in elegant look. As for the accessories, you may place indications for your valuable pieces and works of art on the wall to give the room a personal effect. The original looking baroque living room depends on the size of your room, the quality of your furniture and the right measurements. So try to consider these elements to avoid a baroque cluttered room.

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