Basement Renovation: Inspiring Tip and Ideas

Basements’ typical conditions of natural shadow, cool atmosphere, serenity and remoteness qualify it to be used in a myriad of ways. You could convert it into a media room, a home office, a guest room, just to name a few. Also, by renovating your basement, you add extreme value to your home if you ever consider a resale.

The first step in converting the basement into an extra room is applying the preliminary repairs. This process needs a professional’s help or advice, since their job is to patch up the cracks within floors, roofs and walls and to install waterproofing system before starting the renovation work. They also seal any water leaks to ensure that your basement stays dry and clean.

After finishing all the required repairs and cleaning work, comes the decorating and designing process. Choose your favorite color scheme and then you can buy the paint and apply it to the walls yourself to save some money. Also, keep in mind that there’re no windows down there, so a good lighting is of paramount importance.

Due to the basement’s location, it always keeps a lower temperature. Therefore, it’s ideal for an exercise room or a wine cellar since you wouldn’t need air conditioning units or any other climate control installation. The cool atmosphere will help you in staying fresh during and after your workout and it will definitely preserve your wine collections.

No other room in your house would be a better fit for a home theater than your basement. Because then, you wouldn’t worry about purchasing black-out curtains to reduce the glare on screens, since the basement is naturally dark. You would also be saved the trouble of installing expensive soundproof systems.

Owing to its separation from the rest of your home, noises wouldn’t be easily transferred in or out of your basement. Therefore, one of the smartest ideas is turning your basement into a home office, especially if you have to work from home. You could then add a separate bathroom for more convenience and a separate entrance for your workmates and visitors.

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