Basic Rules to Decorate a Room for the Beginners by Judith Taylor

For the interior design professionals, the main rule in decorating your home is that there is no fixed rule, as it is a matter of creativity and personalization. However, if this is your first décor attempt, Judith Taylor will share you a few tricks and rules that work every time to enhance the professional touch in the place.

Decorating a certain room begins by finding the suitable furniture. Try to find less, yet functional and high-quality furniture pieces within the limit of your budget and room space.

In your dining or living room, you can arrange your furniture pieces around a large rug with the front feet on the rug and the back feet on the floor to create a spacious look in the place. Instead, you can place all of the furniture pieces on a large rug for a luxurious look or arrange them all out of the rug in a small sized room.

The color and style of your carefully chosen furniture will define the color of the room and the perfect accessories for the place. You should choose the perfect tone of your paint color and taste in in different layers of lights on a tiny piece of the wall, because when you choose a wrong paint color “you are just throwing good money away,” says Judith Taylor. That is why you should pick the paint color after the furniture pieces, fabrics, and accessories.

The artworks should express your personality and blend with your home décor. You can hang such artworks in the eyelevel at the right-hand to draw the attention directly. If such artworks are the focal point of the room, it will be a great idea to install them to the sightline of the room’s entrance.