Basic Types of Traditional Home Interior Decoration Styles

Your traditional home is a combination of timeless elegance, charm, and beauty in addition to the well-arranged elements in a symmetrical way. You can decorate such a home in different ways according to your preferences, but you should have an idea about the basic decorating types to create your own way of decoration correctly.

The shabby chic interior design style is characterized with the all-white walls and distressed or heavily painted furniture pieces. If you have new furniture pieces and need to give them a shabby chic look,you can use glaze faux paint or sand the external coat of paint to reveal the wooden layer of such pieces. The fabrics you will use in this style are the traditional linens and cotton in different colors such as worn pastel and pure white. You can use floral or thick patterns to give the place an authentic natural look.

You will combine elements from different styles and periods in a harmonized way when you decide to decorate your traditional home with an eclectic style. Such a style will need a neutral background and valuable items made of unexpected materials to increase the sentimental value of the place.

You can even use variety of colors in this style, but try to make sure that these colors will combine the elements of the room. Actually, this style will reveal your character clearly, as you will choose your favorite decorative sides from different styles.

The Tuscan style is restricted to the traditional Italian trend applied in the Italian countryside mainly and used in different parts of the world recently. This style depends on the natural and rich colors in addition to natural wooden floor and furniture. All of these traditional styles depend on the natural light and air to add a unique beauty to the place.

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