4 Basics for Choosing Your Living Room Colors

Colors breath life into everything. The right choice of colors will transform your living room into a relaxing lively resort. Knowing what colors are right or wrong and what effect colors make by matching and contrasting them is necessary. Because when it is time for remodeling your living room, you will be well armed for the process. Here are the basics of how to choose your living room colors.

1- Decide what colors you want from the room’s focal point. So if your living room’s focal point is – for example- the fireplace mantle, then the paint colors you will choose are picked from that piece. By this, you will achieve the necessary matching of colors between the walls and the focal point.

2- Learn how the wheel of colors works. You have to familiarize yourself with the wheel of colors and the effect of different colors and their relation to each others. You will find that every two colors opposite to each other on the wheel coordinate well.

3- Every room has a main color and a secondary color and then very few touches of an accent color. You have to learn the right proportions of each one of these colors. A main color covers almost two thirds of the room. The other third is the secondary color and then the accent color is only found in small colorful touches in the room.

4- The closer you are to the floors the darker the colors you choose. Notice the similarity between this plan and how things are in nature. Dark colors for the soil, medium tones for plants and light colors for the sky. This plan is naturally comfortable for people’s eyes and thus should be followed for decor.

By learning how to choose the right colors for your house in general and for your living room in particular is learning how to make your life so much better.