The 4 Basics of Choosing Your Living Rooms Blinds and Curtains

Blinds and curtains do a lot to any room in your house. They control how much light you want to lit in. They accentuate your decor and enhance the style of your room. They can also fulfill other functions like blocking dirt and grime, and insulate the area’s temperature. You have to consider some basic elements when choosing blinds and curtains for your living room.

1- The first basic element you need to consider is how much light you want in your room? Sheer curtains let more light inside your living room making it feel more bright and spacious. Such curtains are a good choice if you need much light in your living room, or if it is located somewhere that does not get much sunlight. Consider also how light affects your living room overall look.

2- Another basic – and evident – element you need to consider is the costs. How many windows do you need curtains for? Do you need your curtains to be window sized or have you decided to get curtains that reach the floor? Also, consider the materials of which the curtains and blinds are made. All these contribute to the costs of your window treatment.

3- Maintenance is another important element overlooked by many. Some people get curtains that look fabulous at first but get dirty real quickly and give an awful first impression to anyone entering the room. If you do not have enough time to maintain and clean your curtains and windows regularly, then get colors that blends in with dust and stains. Some curtains are made of materials that can be cleaned with vacuuming only. No matter what you choose, just make sure it looks clean and maintained.

4- Privacy is another important – but often neglected – matter. Microsuede and twill shades and other tight weaved shades are great for protecting your privacy. If you are living in a place where you are barely a couple of meters away from onlookers outside, then privacy is a critical matter. The right choice of curtains and blinds affects your house lighting, style and privacy. So choose well.

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