The 5 Basics of Choosing the Perfect Rug for Your Foyer

A foyer is the space between the outdoors of your house and the other rooms of your house. This place is not always easy to decorate. Other rooms have known purposes so they are easy to style and decorate, and that is not the case for the foyer. One way of decorating a foyer is placing a rug. There are a few basic elements you have to consider when choosing a rug for your foyer.

1- Choose the right size for your rug. How big the rug is greatly affects the overall look of your foyer. The rug should have the same width of your outdoor. At the same time, its space should be something between one-to-two thirds of your outdoor size.

2- Take into account how thick your rug will be. You might like your rug to be thick so that you could indulge in the feeling of the rich fabric under your feet, but if the rug is too thick, the door will constantly rub into the rug until your rug is ruined.

3- The color of your rug plays a major part on how it looks in your foyer or even on its own. Choose a color that complements your house design and the other colors found in the foyer. In addition, it is better if this color is something that blends in with dirt like brown, yellow, or beige, so you would not have to wash it everyday.

4- Safety is important as well. You do not want your kids to slip when they are running. So make sure your rug is provided with a rubber pad. Even if your rug is not provided with one, you could purchase it from home improvement stores, and measure and cut it, then place it under your rug.

5- Make sure you match and contrast the patterns tastefully. If you think that your foyer is lacking patterns, then get a patterned rug. Wear and dirt do not show easily on a patterned rug. After reading these tips and then choosing a perfect rug, your foyer will look strikingly gorgeous.

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