The 4 Basics of Styling Your Living Room with Modern Design

In the last fifty years or so people have started to use modern designs instead of traditional ones. Modern designs are known for their simplicity and beauty. They also reduce depletion of natural materials like wood and natural fabrics, since they depend on using metal, plastics and faux leathers and fabrics. If you are considering styling your living room according to modern design, there are few things you have to think about, and which we are going to discuss here.

1- Modern design uses simple lines and geometric shapes. There are no detailed patterns and weird shapes. You will not find any excessive decorations in the furniture. They are all simple in lines and geometric in form.

2- Modern designs avoid clutter. The stuff you have in your living room should follow the rule: less is more. In modern design, you will only find a couch, few chairs, a coffee table and a TV set. Most modern furniture pieces are provided with hidden drawers or other storage spaces to keep the place as tidy as possible.

3- The colors you usually find in modern living rooms are bright and neutral colors. White, black, cream, yellow and beige are the colors usually used in modern design. Do not use too many shades of them in a single room. If you think the room looks bare add some simple decorative pieces with vivid colors.

4- Decorations should be as few as possible. A single painting on the wall, a vase with some fresh flowers or a pair of cushions for your sofa should be all you need in your modern living room.

You know now the basics of furnishing your living room in modern design. Use simple lines. Use bright and neutral colors. De-clutter the room. Keep everything simple. Do not use excessive decorations. This is all you need for a modern living room.