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Bathroom Color Designs

Defining the mood and look of your bathroom depends mainly on the combination of colors used there. You may want to create a special retreat in your bathroom to relief your soul from the burdens of life; thus, you can paint this room your favorite color regardless the colors and designs used at the rest of your home. Otherwise, your bathroom will need to be unified with the design of your home.

Your bathroom should be decorated according to its style and design. The modern style bathroom will look sleek and elegant to help you overcome your distress and enjoy the beauty of life. To achieve this style, you can paint your walls a chocolate brown or dark red color with one of the pastel colors. You can use the royal colors, i.e. silver and golden colors, as accents for your white bathroom.

You can give your white bathroom a cozy feeling by painting the walls and the ceiling the same hue of white with white wicker furniture, woven bamboo area rug, soft towels, and an airy window treatment. Such a bathroom will need glass or opaque floor tiles with mirrored tiles for the backsplashes and around the bathtub. You can decorate this bathroom using glass woven towels basket and natural plants. You can give your bathroom a clean and comfortable feel through the crisp green or vibrant coral colors along with the white fixtures.

Using the light colors in your bathroom will give it a constant fresh feeling and spacious look. Such a look will be complete by matching accessories and fixtures. For example, if you have a small bathroom, you can paint your walls light blue with white frames and different hues of blue color for the accessories. The relaxing feel can be easily achieved using two or maximum three of the pastel colors such as blue, green, and light pink colors.

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