Bathroom Floor Designs – Floor Tiles

The floor of your bathroom is the first item that attracts the attention, contrary to any other room where the floor is covered by a beautiful rug or carpet. So, you should choose a well-designed floor to add more beauty and function to your bathroom. Here are a few floor designs to help you choose the best look of your bathroom.

Before you add new floor tiles, try to ensure that all of your under-floor pipelines and tubes are perfectly installed and that your tiles will endure the heat, steam, and moist. Then, you will need to measure the bathroom fixtures accurately to decide the size of your floor tiles. Now, you can search online and in the specialized magazines about the best look and design that will fit the size and style of your bathroom. This way, you will be able to choose the right floor tiles for your bathroom.

You have a wide range of floor tile kinds to choose the best one for your bathroom. If your bathroom fixtures are scattered here and there, you can opt for the ceramic or pebble tiles, because they are easy to be cut and replaced. If you need an ultra-elegant look, regardless the expenses, you can choose the glass tiles, because this kind of tiles is mildew, stain, and water resistant and come with different colors, sizes, and thicknesses. The laminate tiles will give your bathroom a decorative look because it has many layers to give you any image you need. The advantage of this kind of tiles is that it is easy to clean and durable. You have other great options such as slate, granite, marble, vinyl, and resilient tiles.

You can use a water resistant carpet to add warmth to the bathroom. To add your personal touch, you can install blank tiles and add your own patterns. Try to use similar patterned tiles for the floor and wall to add a spacious look to your bathroom.

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