Bathroom Lighting Design – Lighting Fixtures

Your bathroom is the place where you spend several minutes or hours daily to relief your body and mind. Lighting this bathroom properly will enhance its mood and function to let you enjoy every minute spent there. You can add task lighting fixtures above the functional areas such as your shower, bathtub, and vanity.

Your shower area includes a continuous water flaw; so, your recessed lighting fixtures will need to be resistant to humidity and water. It will be a great idea if you can install a dimmer to the shower light in order to avoid eyestrain at the morning and to let you see what you are doing at the same time. You may install the dimmer switch to provide you different levels of lights according to your mood. If you have a separate bathtub, you will need to install a recessed fixture above it to keep you enjoyed and comfortable.

The vanity and mirror are extremely functional furniture pieces in your bathroom. That’s why they will need special lighting fixtures. You can add a lamp with frosted glass to distribute the light properly and reduce the glare coming into your eyes. You can mimic the old Hollywood look using several bulbs around the mirror.

The wall scones will add more light and decorate your bathroom. You can install three wall scones to your master bathroom with a considerable space among them. They can be placed also in the holes of the glass above the eye height. If you have a high ceiling, you can install a beautiful small chandelier in the middle of the room or above the sitting or reading area.

You can install additional lights to change the mood of your kitchen. It will be great to use an accent lamp as a night light to let you find your way at the dark. A low voltage mini pendant lamp will create a peaceful atmosphere into your bathroom and the cascading bulbs will be able to give it a spacious look.