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Bathroom Makeover – 5 Tools by Each you can do

Your bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms and if it wasn’t an inviting place, it would definitely affect the way you feel about your whole house. Also, if you’ve designed it perfectly when you first moved in, the style may’ve already gone out of fashion or maybe your preferences have altered. Either way, you might need a bathroom remodel at some point, and while a total renovation costs a lot of money, there’re other cost effective ways to rejuvenate the place.

Shower Baths: By replacing your bathtub with a shower bath, you’ll add a glamorous look while saving a huge amount of water and energy. They also come with an endless designs and features. Some even come with lighting, radio, music, and multi-spray setting in them. In order to narrow the choices down, opt for a combo shower unit with complete glass enclosures to maximize the space beautifully.

Floor and Wall Tiles: Tiles are incredibly easy to install and maintain. You can repair water lines by simply removing some tiles to get to the lines and then placing them again when you’re done. Also, if one tile breaks, you can replace only the damaged one. However, don’t forget to look for a slippery resistant material, while the breathtaking designs available out there are left solely to your personal taste.

Shower Curtains: Not only do they add an elegant consistency to your bathroom, but also offer a great functional focal point. Whether you choose specific theme, retro designs, or solid colors, coordinate other accessories to create a perfect refreshing aura within your old bathroom.

Window Curtains: Windows don’t stand out in any other room as they do in bathrooms. Therefore, choose its treatments neatly as they could transform the whole look. To add the required privacy and splash of color while letting maximum amount of sunlight in, consider a café style with a valance to cover the top.

Lighting: Although overlooked, lighting as well as other separates such as rods, knobs, and fans can make a huge difference when added. Some exhaust fans come with lights for an even more appealing look.

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