Bathroom Mirror Designs, Frame and Light

The ideal bathroom will need to be functional, decorated, and well illuminated. The right kinds and placement of your mirrors will help you decorate your bathroom and spread light into the place in an elegant way. You will need just to be creative in your choices to find the mirror that will enhance the theme and style of your bathroom.

Finding the right mirror will depend on its function and the size of your bathroom- since it should create balance into the place. The suitable light should be installed to the functional section into your bathroom along with the mirrors because they will complement the functions of each other. The light will help you see yourself clearer in the mirror and the mirror will spread the light into your bathroom.

You can add a mirror to every functional section into your bathroom. The mirror installed to your vanity can be the main mirror in your small bathroom. The smaller bathroom may have not enough space for any mirror; in this case, you can add a cabinet with mirror door to store your bathroom towels, brushes, medicines, and toiletries. If you have a larger one, it will be a great idea to install a large mirror inside the shower area or around your bathtub for shaving and to give your bathroom its spacious look. Try to add an attachment that holds the teeth brushes, hair processing brushes, and soup cases to your shower mirror. Additionally, you can place a medium sized mirror above your wash-basin and a rectangular one above the dual basin. It will be nice if you can install a full length mirror opposite to your wash basin.

You can use your mirror as the center of your bathroom theme. The framed mirror with the same material and color of your existing fixtures such as the Victorian metal frame and the traditional wood frame will give a unified look to your bathroom. You can paint a theme-related picture, create frosted glass frame, or customize a frame according to your bathroom design.

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