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Bathroom Paint Colors That Never Go Out of Fashion

There are myriad options when it comes to choosing your bathroom paint color. While all those countless color combinations available in the market today are highly in-demand, there’s no way to guarantee their popularity for more than a couple of years. Some colors go in and out of style and others are reliably timeless no matter what.

To avoid indecisiveness and eliminate the need for constant renovation in the future, you should choose colors that are known to remain in-style the longest. Neutral light colors and white fixtures are virtually your best solution. Go for off-white, ivory, beige, light tan, red, or mint green as a dominant color in your bathroom. Not only do these colors stay popular the longest, but also they lend your bathroom a larger, airier, and more relaxing and soothing look.

Another advantage of using neutral colors, especially white, is that they can be beautifully combined with any other color. You can combine white fixtures and trims with sage greens, light grays or turquoises to get an everlasting calming atmosphere. Also, given the fact that blue paint is typically linked with the idea of water and summer, it will be a brilliant choice to promote a refreshing coastal feel in your bathroom.

If you are leaning towards darker colors, then a dark color on the floors such as black or navy blue will enhance a much more sophisticated look. Though, make sure that both the dark and the neutral color are contrasting each other in a well-coordinated manner to avoid a mismatch. Search the internet and home decorating magazines for inspirational ideas.

Typically, bold colors like mauve, orange, marbleized, and other complex color schemes are unreliable. However, you can still add your favorite bold color with changeable accessories and removable objects such as lampshades, artworks, curtains, rugs, and towels. That way, you can easily modify your bathroom to adapt to changes while still keeping your personal touch.