Bathroom Vanities – Ideas & Tips Compatible with Every Bathroom

Having a beautiful bathroom vanity means having the perfect focal point; by which the theme you’re depicting is spelled out and according to which, all of your bathroom other fittings are chosen. Fortunately, designers have never been more ingenious than they are nowadays. Thing is you’re guaranteed to find a vanity that suits your available space, budget, and personal preference without compromising any.

Sometimes, though, it’s not wise that you go straight for a rather cheap item, especially when it’s such an important bathroom component. To make sure you have a high-quality vanity, scrutinize various ones before deciding on;

For instance, avoid any vanity with shelves thinner than 5 inches which are most likely to bent and bow. Make sure that shelves are adjustable, as well. Test the drawers and how smoothly they open and close. Take a look at rear surfaces and how genuinely they’re finished. Also, vanities are usually prone to water and moisture, so a high-quality solid wood is required. So pick one with a strong plywood, mellow maple, mahogany or cherry and stay away from particleboard vanities, for example.

Also water-resistant countertops are recommended and you have a wide range of them starting from inexpensive plastics and up to granite, glass, and maple. Bathroom vanity units with built-in sinks are also on the upswing and they are ideal in small bathrooms. In case you’re blessed with a large one, go for a double sink vanity and compliment it with stools and suitable chairs.

Last but not least, try completing your decorating flair by accommodating a vanity that spells out the style of your bathroom. An ornately carved vanity finished off with dark toned wood and brass hardware could never go wrong in a traditional bathroom. A clean lined wall-mounted vanity in Z shape with glass finish would beautifully lend your bathroom a contemporary appeal.