bathroom designs

bathroom designs
  • Breathtaking and Cool Blue Bathroom Design Ideas

    Breathtaking and Cool Blue Bathroom Design Ideas

    The high quality materials, 3D murals or floor, and blue color will create a relaxing and cool spa in your bathroom. Such a kitchen will let you forget the stressful events of your day and live a new adventure every day. Let’s discuss a few blue designs that will give your bathroom a cool and breathtaking look. Your breathtaking blue bathroom should have the essentials of any practical bathroom such as a suitable sized soaking tub, a spacious glass shower stall, and a vanity with dual sinks. All of these pieces should be made of high quality materials to get a luxurious look at the end. You can install a draped white or light blue curtain at the sides of…

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  • 8 Unique Modern Sink Designs for your Bathroom

    8 Unique Modern Sink Designs for your Bathroom

    The functional and decorative sinks come in different designs and sizes to blend with the theme of your bathroom increasing the interesting look of the place. You can install the think that will match your theme the everlasting sink that will blend with any theme in your modern bathroom. You can install a crystal encrusted sink that includes stone collections and handcrafted marble pillars. The inner part of that sink is made of amethyst to give the overall kitchen a unique look. The wing wall sink is made on the shape of wing or swipe with a flowing design to create a smooth feel in the place. The umbrella holder sink is another unique design that looks like the inverted…

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  • 5 Luxurious and Unique Bathtub Design Ideas

    5 Luxurious and Unique Bathtub Design Ideas

    Your bathtub is the place where you get rid of the stress and burdens of life after a long day spent outside your lovely home. Such bathtub should be designed to match the décor and color of your home giving you the utmost level of relaxation at the same time. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to get your dream bathtub. The unique and luxurious magic carpet bathtub will give you an interesting bathing experience because it includes dips and grooves to fit exactly your body and let you lay back and stretch your arms comfortably. The foldable bathtub will let you fold it down when it is not used. When you need that bathtub, it will extend…

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  • Impressive and Relaxing Shower Area Design Ideas

    Impressive and Relaxing Shower Area Design Ideas

    Taking a shower in a relaxing bathroom is a great experience that will let you relaxed and entertained the rest of your day. You can design an impressive shower area to get the serenity of the spasand the warmth of the homey feel using different designs of shower areas. The steam shower room will be an impressive design that will give you an incredibly relaxing feel. Such a room consists of a shower head in addition to the entertaining means such as whirlpool bath jets, an LCD TV, and acupuncture massage jets to let you spend an amusing experience. The egg shaped shower area will give you the serenity and privacy of spa as it has hydro massagers and mood…

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  • Functional Modern Bathroom Accessories

    5 Functional Modern Bathroom Accessories

    Turning your bathroom to a functional and organized sanctuary will depend on the functional accessories you choose and the arrangement of your place. Your modern bathroom, in particular, will need technological additions to increase its functional and aesthetic look at the same time. Your modern bathroom may need a dryer to replace the towels and create uncluttered look in the place. The portable B-dryer can be used for the whole body and work exactly like the hair and hand dryers, as you can choose the temperature degree according to your own comfort. This hygienic functional accessory will kill the microbes and dry your body in a short time. The gigantic personal dryer will let you stand in a certain place…

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  • Amazing Ideas for Designing Modern Bathrooms

    Amazing Ideas for Designing Modern Bathrooms

    Designing the bathroom isn’t any less important than designing any other room in your house. There are many modern designing ideas and tips that you can use to design or remodel your bathroom. The most important thing you need to consider when you design your modern bathroom is to make it comfortable and functional. The most used materials in designing modern bathrooms are wood, stone, glass, and ceramic. You are free to choose the material that fits your needs and design. Ok, let’s start choosing the main parts first. There are two major types of sinks, the standalone sink and the raised sink. You will find them in many shapes like, round, curved and square. The modern high back and…

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  • 5 Things to Do If You Want a Designer Bathroom but Have a Small Budget

    5 Things to Do If You Want a Designer Bathroom but Have a Small Budget

    Designer bathrooms look stunning and gorgeous. However, they are extremely expensive. Well, it is understandable since they use all these expensive materials. So what can we do – “we” meaning the majority of population who has a small budget – to have a designer bathroom with the limited funds we have? Here are some few helpful tips to give your bathroom a stylish look without maxing out your credit card. 1- Replace your shower curtains with glass sheets. The old plastic shower curtains are ugly, hard to maintain and clean, and will ruin how your bathroom looks. Replace them with glass sheets. They will not develop mold and stains like glass curtains, and they will give your bathroom a sleek…

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  • Bathroom Shower Designs – Shower Area

    Bathroom Shower Designs – Shower Area

    Your bathroom shower area is the place of relaxation for many people instead of the tub. Its design depends on the space and style of your bathroom in addition to your budget. You can choose the design that will match your taste and will give you the utmost feeling of relaxation. The walk in shower design with slate or marble showers will give your large bathroom an elegant and sleek look. It can be designed with three sides or as a completely opened area. In this design, you can use a barrier to limit the water to the shower area or let it to flow into the bathroom. The spa walk in shower design needs an airy and spacious space…

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  • Bathrooms Window Curtains Designs

    Bathrooms Window Curtains Designs

    The window curtains are the secret of beauty for any bathroom. That’s why you have to choose your bathroom window curtain carefully to give you the needed privacy, let an adequate light enter the room, and give an aesthetic look to the place. Here, you will find a hint about the different curtains available and how to choose the right one for your bathroom. The right curtain should be chosen according to your bathroom’s size, style, and color. Your bathroom will need a practical window curtain design to resist the mold and mildew resulted from the instant use of water. It needs to give you some privacy and hide you from the eyes of your neighbors.You can use different fabrics…

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  • European Bathroom Design

    European Bathroom Design – European design

    Europe is prominent for producing the latest stylish trends for all sorts of designs. Seekers of elegant style choose European design even in their bathrooms. You might regard bathrooms as places of utility where design is irrelevant but as other rooms any residences, bathroom design need to be carefully thought of prior to implementation. If you are interested to know more about European bathroom design, continue reading… The first thing that distinguishes the design of European bathrooms is that the toilet room is usually separate from the bathroom. This helps to maintain hygiene and also allows someone to use the bathroom while another is using the toilet without waiting for one another. Bathroom furniture in European design can be odd…

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  • Different Types of Bathroom Interior Design – Modern and Traditional

    Different Types of Bathroom Interior Design – Modern and Traditional

    Bathroom interior design is often neglected because the utility sought from the bathroom is available regardless of the design. Nonetheless, choosing the wrong type of bathroom interior design can make the bathroom an awkward odd room in the house. There are several different types of bathroom interior designs and here is a hint about the main types: Modern Bathroom Interior Design  The trend towards modern design rises because this style is characterized by functionality and elegance. Small bathrooms can make great use of modern interior design because it features a minimalistic tendency with no ornate details that take up space. Colors used in modern design are usually neutral like a mixture of black and white, or brown and beige with…

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  • Master Bathroom Interior Designs – Simple and Luxurious

    Master Bathroom Interior Designs – Simple and Luxurious

    The trend towards improving master bathroom interior designs is rising day after day. This trend goes back to realizing that with suitable interior design the value of the master bathroom increases in appearance and functionality. The expenses that you will spend in designing or renovating your master bedroom will return back to you in multiples of the amount as an investment. Ideas for master bathroom interior designs range from simple to luxurious as you will read in the article. Simple Master Bathroom Interior Design The master bathroom is usually linked to the master bedroom. That is why you can follow the style of the master bedroom and use extra paint or wallpaper from bedroom design to complete the bathroom interior…

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  • Japanese Bathroom Designs

    Japanese Bathroom Designs

    The Japanese bathroom is always small, compact, flexible, and extremely fashionable. Its design is very simple and uncluttered to let you get a spiritual comfort while you are taking your bath. You can add your personal touch to this design to enjoy spending part of your precious time to relief your body and soul. The shower area is the most important part in the Japanese bathroom. You can install a steam shower to apply the Japanesetechnique to relief themselves. They think that the hot water and steam can penetrate inside their bodies to help them get rid of the burdens of life and to give them some peace away from the increasing rhythm of life. You can replace the shower…

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  • bathroom-mirror-designs-frame-light

    Bathroom Mirror Designs, Frame and Light

    The ideal bathroom will need to be functional, decorated, and well illuminated. The right kinds and placement of your mirrors will help you decorate your bathroom and spread light into the place in an elegant way. You will need just to be creative in your choices to find the mirror that will enhance the theme and style of your bathroom. Finding the right mirror will depend on its function and the size of your bathroom- since it should create balance into the place. The suitable light should be installed to the functional section into your bathroom along with the mirrors because they will complement the functions of each other. The light will help you see yourself clearer in the mirror…

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  • Bathroom Sink Designs – Style Bathrooms

    Bathroom Sink Designs – Style Bathrooms

    Your pretty bathroom has different cleaning functions that should be concluded by washing your face and hands as a final touch. Your sink, or the sink area, can give you a chance to complete your final look and to look at yourself in the attached mirror to go out in your best look. However, this functional sink should blend with the design, color, and style of your bathroom to give the place a unified look. Your bathroom sink area has many designs to fit the size and design of your bathroom. The vanity sink area includes the sink, counters, and cabinetry in addition to the metal, vinyl, or golden accessories. The counters can be made of tile, marble, or granite.…

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  • Modern Bathroom Window Curtain Designs

    Modern Bathroom Window Curtain Designs

    Curtains are considered as a decoration item in your bathroom but still have their functional roles. Such curtains will be able to give your bathroom a luxurious look, keep your privacy from your neighbors’ eyes, and set the mood in your kitchen according to their designs and colors. The style of the window curtain should go with the general style into your bathroom. If your bathroom is designed in the modern style, this article will give you several choices to find out the perfect curtain for your own bathroom. One of the most interesting modern curtains is the simple café curtain that can cover the lower half of your bathroom window to give your bathroom a sparkling look. . The…

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  • How to Decorate your Bathroom in Mexican Style

    How to Decorate your Bathroom in Mexican Style

    Mexican is the perfect style for your bathroom, especially if you love old world charm and prefer places that exude coziness. A Mexican bathroom is the ideal relaxing retreat after long tiring days. It encompasses warmth and romance at the same time with its bright colorful surroundings. Following are some tips & ideas to get you started. Flooring: To get the authentic look of Mexican flooring, avoid using carpets and go for Saltillo or glazed tile. You can even make a tile rug by using various sizes and shapes of your tiles. For instance; install sixteen inch squares on your entire bathroom floor and leave a space where you’ll place your tile rug. Then use smaller tiles or ones with…

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  • Having Shower Curtains In The Bathroom Is a Must

    Having Shower Curtains In The Bathroom Is a Must

    After a long day of working having a relaxing bath help to renew one’s energy level , The nowadays bathrooms are not only to serve the functionality its meant for in a typical way , Nowadays bathrooms are considered relaxing spots for the homeowners that’s why they pay too much attention to make an ergonomic theme that grant them comfort and relaxation when they are going to clean up everyday . People like to spend joyous times relaxing their bodies and clearing their minds while taking their every day’s bath , Hence giving the bathroom a luxurious design is an aim that most homeowners are aiming for . Your kitchen curtains can do wonders in giving your a luxurious and…

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  • Achieving the Glamour of an Art Deco Bathroom

    Achieving the Glamour of an Art Deco Bathroom

    Since the gilt edged elegance of olden days and to our present day, art deco has been ruling the design world. It seems to never go out of fashion. Even when you pick a style that has nothing to do with art deco; you’d be surprised how it’s insistently disguised in many little nuances in that style – spicing it up gracefully. One of the most spaces that lends itself to Art Deco style these days are bathrooms. Art Deco bathroom features geometric angular shapes and abstract motifs, shiny glossy surfaces and black lacquer finishes, and many more characteristics that would eventually create a bathroom that exceed your topmost expectations. Read on for some inspiring ideas pertaining to that glamorous…

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  • Bathroom Lighting Design – Lighting Fixtures

    Bathroom Lighting Design – Lighting Fixtures

    Your bathroom is the place where you spend several minutes or hours daily to relief your body and mind. Lighting this bathroom properly will enhance its mood and function to let you enjoy every minute spent there. You can add task lighting fixtures above the functional areas such as your shower, bathtub, and vanity. Your shower area includes a continuous water flaw; so, your recessed lighting fixtures will need to be resistant to humidity and water. It will be a great idea if you can install a dimmer to the shower light in order to avoid eyestrain at the morning and to let you see what you are doing at the same time. You may install the dimmer switch to…

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