bathroom designs

bathroom designs
  • Ideas To Enhance The Modern Design In Your Bathroom

    Ideas To Enhance The Modern Design In Your Bathroom

    Bathroom are often used by the family members or sometimes visited by guests , so giving the bathroom a modern design will allow you pamper yourself and show off of your bathroom design in front of your guests . Sleek Stainless steel and glass contribute in creating a modern look for your bathroom . creating a modern look also depend on other elements such as wall tiles , lighting fixtures and accessories . Most importantly to match all the elements properly in a way to compliment one another and not clash . The Shower Curtain is an essential element that influence the overall look for the bathroom , Shower curtains that enhance the modern look can be found easily in…

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  • Beautiful Bathroom Lights – Ceiling Lights

    Beautiful Bathroom Lights – Ceiling Lights

    Selecting The Most Practical and Beautiful Bathroom Lights. The bathroom ceiling lights are an effective ceiling decorative item that add a remarkable character to your bathroom . You can say that a bathroom decor can not be perfect without the Bathroom Ceiling lights . The Bathroom Ceiling lights is one form of lighting methods that suits best specially bathrooms . Making a right selection guarantee you to have an effective lighting in your bathroom that go hand in hand with your bathroom decor and point it out and increase the beauty of the bathroom . While choosing your Bathroom Ceiling lights you should consider practicality as well as beauty the lighting should add a beautiful glow on your bathroom and…

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  • Designing Kids Bathroom – Colors and Themes

    Designing Kids Bathroom – Colors and Themes

    Most people when they plan to design a bathroom for their kids the first thing that come to the mind is using bold and bright colors , choosing a particular theme for the kids that suit their tastes and interests now can become boring for them later on when they grow up and have different interests , so you should carefully make the choice of the theme of your kids bathroom . Choosing a theme that will be interesting for your kids as they grow up and also interesting for them in this age they are on now will save you a lot of money , effort and time that you will spend in the future to renovate their bathroom…

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  • Designing A Tropical Bathroom – Colors, Accessories and Theme

    Designing A Tropical Bathroom – Colors, Accessories and Theme

    If you want to have a tropical retreat in your own house i would like to tell you that your dream can possibly come true even if you are restricted by a small budget , you can have a tropical theme for your bathroom just by changing a few elements in the bathroom such as floor covers , light fixtures , shower curtains , towels , cabinets colors and walls colors . A very important factor that have a huge effect in the general ambiance of the bathroom is the wall colors and floor tiles , use warm earthy colors for the tiles or tend to use shades of blue , orange pink and purple for the tiles to enhance…

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  • Latest Trends in Bathroom Design Styles

    Latest Trends in Bathroom Design Styles

    Unlike bedrooms, your bathroom should encompass a mix of all your family members’ preferences and needs. It has to be designed to cater to the requirements of all ages in the house – starting from children to any handicapped or aged members. If you’re perplexed by the endless styles available, then the following list of all the bros and cons of top styles will definitely help you. The Timeless Minimalism: It’s a perfect choice if you have small budget as all your minimalist bathroom needs is the important components including the sink, shower, and toilet. It’s the simplest of all styles and it offers a sense of space that has no parallel. It’s defined by natural tiles including sandstone, polished…

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  • New Bathroom – Building A New Bathroom

    New Bathroom – Building A New Bathroom

    If you are renovating your bathroom or decorating one from scratch , getting acknowledged about the different most popular styles for bathrooms will help you imagine the final way your bathroom will end up looking like . Having some knowledge about each style will also help you to make the right decision of which design you would like to have for your bathroom . Decide the spots where you will install your sanitary ware such as your bath tube , faucets , for shower and hand washing sinks and bidet hoses . The mentioned above are the basic and certain sanitary wares in almost every bathroom if you want to add something else special then keep it into consideration as…

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  • Modern Bathroom Design – Tiles and Colors

    Modern Bathroom Design – Tiles and Colors

    What do you need more from a bathroom design than the ease to clean, functionality and a refreshing look?! All these characters exist in a modern bathroom design which is distinguished by all the sleek details needed from a bathroom. When you get to understand a modern bathroom design, you will be able to have the best bathroom to freshen up in the morning and wash down the tiredness after a stressful day for an affordable budget. Maintaining a bathroom cleanness are of utmost importance. Modern bathroom designs are covered from the top to the bottom in tiles that are easy to clean and that don’t retain water otherwise they will soak to the lower layer and get ruined. Porcelain…

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  • Contemporary Bathroom Design

    Contemporary Bathroom Design

    The trend towards choosing contemporary bathroom designs exists for the chic, modern and practical characteristics that contemporary designs have. The elegance of these designs lies in the usage of simple yet distinctive style. An amazing feature of contemporary designs is that they suit both large and small bathrooms. Hence, if you have either sizes or both small and large bathrooms at home, you can have a stylish design. An elegant contemporary bathroom design doesn’t need to be very expensive. For instance, few touches with stainless steel fixtures can provide a magnificent contemporary effect. There is no problem with using your creativity while designing your bathroom. However, you ought to have a plan or an overall idea about the final look…

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  • Decorate Bathroom Interior Design – Classic and Contemporary

    Decorate Bathroom Interior Design – Classic and Contemporary

    The first thing most of us do in the morning is enter the bathroom to get ready. We later come back from a stressful day that might have been accompanied with sweat from the heat to unwind with a bath. For the vitality of the bathroom and the relaxing effect required from it, careful consideration must be put to decorate the bathroom interior design. Decorating the bathroom with the best interior design is all about using the harmony of elements to avoid any discomfort. First of all the bathroom needs to be in harmony with the accommodation design scheme. Two popular interior design schemes are contemporary and classic and each comes with special bathroom details. Decorate a small bathroom with…

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  • Commercial Bathroom Design

    Commercial Bathroom Design

    Have you ever entered a bathroom of a luxurious hotel, resort or spa and were impressed by its captivating design and wish you had the same at home? If your answer is yes, then there is good news for you: A commercial bathroom design can be accomplished without costing you an arm and a leg. Remodeling your bathroom to match the bathrooms of 5-star facilities will not only give you a majestic feeling, but it will also increase the value of your home. Commercial bathroom designs can be made through a complete makeover of the bathroom with changes in flooring, walls and pipes, or through simple changes of fixtures such as faucets, towel racks, tubs, sinks and toilets which also…

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  • Interior Design of Bathroom – Flooring, Walls and Furniture

    Interior Design of Bathroom – Flooring, Walls and Furniture

    Good-looking interior design can change a house/apartment from just another real state to a place worth being called home. Since bathrooms are used daily, perhaps several times a day, it is important to put careful consideration into their interior designs. Changing or renovating the interior design of a bathroom requires thought about both the functionality and the overall appearance. Here are some tips for designing bathrooms that is elegant and practical: Bathroom Flooring and Walls  The most apparent parts of any room interior designs are the flooring and the walls. In the case of bathrooms, space is often limited so choosing a bright color palette is common sight. Bathroom flooring is prone to getting wet all the time, so when…

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  • Elegant Glass Bathroom Door Designs

    Elegant Glass Bathroom Door Designs

    Getting an elegant bathroom needs a unified, spacious, and well illuminated look. The framed or frameless glass door will contribute greatly in achieving such a look to help you be relaxed and comfortable while taking your shower. You can get a glass main door and another panel for your shower area. To get an elegant bathroom door, you will need to do some accurate preparations and a good plan. First, try to take the right measurements of the width of the door from right to left and from top to bottom. Then, you can decide the color and theme of the door that will give unity to your bathroom. The nature of the activities made in your large or small…

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  • Traditional French Bathroom Designs

    Traditional French Bathroom Designs

    If you have a small or large sized bathroom, you can apply the French design to give your bathroom a charming look and help you get a peace of mind. It will be light and airy place with ornamented fixtures made of wrought iron. This article will show you the principle ideas of designing such a room and you have the choice to change or add new items according to your needs. To get a light and airy look, you can paint your bathroom light colors such as soft blue, milky white, ochre-washed, green-gray, or rich golden colors. Your fixtures may have the shades of these colors or the white color. You can floor your traditional French bathroom using patterned…

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  • Bathroom Interior Design Ideas – Designing your Bathroom

    Bathroom Interior Design Ideas – Designing your Bathroom

    Designing your bathroom is to utilize its space in the best way and to divide the available space among the functional areas according to the importance of each area. For example, some people consider their bathroom as a retreat; so, it needs to include a special seating area, while others enjoy taking shower; so, their bathtub needs to be larger. Designing your bathroom will be an enjoying task when you know how to make use of your space wisely. At the beginning, try to measure your space well, and decide what the fixtures and the functional accessories you will install. Your bathtub can be the focal point of the place when you install a large decorative one with colorful and…

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  • Bathroom Lighting – Choose the proper Bathroom Lighting

    Bathroom Lighting – Choose the proper Bathroom Lighting

    How can you choose the proper bathroom lighting? As you probably already know, lighting in any room is a vital part of decorating and a crucial decision to make as well. However, lighting a bathroom is often overlooked and this could lead to different ends whether it is too much lighting or low lighting. In any room including bathrooms, experts will tell you to use ‘proper lighting’; that is just the right type and amount of it. All this fuss is due to the fact that we do important steps of our personal grooming in bathroom either shaving, cleaning up or wearing make up, it is important to do these things properly, safely and wound free. So how to organise…

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  • Asian Bathroom Designs – Asian Theme

    Asian Bathroom Designs – Asian Theme

    Do you want a four-star hotel’s bathroom in your house? The functional and beautiful Asian bathroom will achieve this task giving you an ultimate relaxation for both of your body and mind. The Asian theme depends on the natural elements in a modern way to result in an aesthetic and relaxing environment into your bathroom. Your Asian bathroom’s units can be built-in the wall or freestanding. They come in different heights, widths, and numbers and types of drawers and doors. These units have holes to install your faucets. The base of these units along with your worktops can be the center of the Asian theme. These countertops can be made of granite, marble, ceramic, or Asian mahogany with the colors…

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  • Bathroom Color Designs

    Bathroom Color Designs

    Defining the mood and look of your bathroom depends mainly on the combination of colors used there. You may want to create a special retreat in your bathroom to relief your soul from the burdens of life; thus, you can paint this room your favorite color regardless the colors and designs used at the rest of your home. Otherwise, your bathroom will need to be unified with the design of your home. Your bathroom should be decorated according to its style and design. The modern style bathroom will look sleek and elegant to help you overcome your distress and enjoy the beauty of life. To achieve this style, you can paint your walls a chocolate brown or dark red color…

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  • Tips for Designing your Bathroom

    Tips for Designing your Bathroom

    Bathrooms are used these days for different additional functions, such as reading magazines, watching TV, taking a warm soak in your tub in a romantic mood, and storing your exercise equipment. If you need to add new functions or ideas to your bathroom, you can design it yourself installing your new ideas and removing the old and invalid items. Designing your bathroom depends mainly on its size. The large sized bedroom will have more options of designations and include more fixtures such as a toilet, bidet, sinks, tub and shower, and exercise equipment. The medium size bathroom may include a toilet, cabinet, and sink. The small bathroom shouldn’t be cramped or crowded by too much fixtures. It may include the…

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  • Accent bathroom designer accessories!

    Accent your bathroom with designer accessories!

    When you start renovating your decorations, it could mean a lot stressing certain spaces in your house with what is called accent designs or designer accessories. Some like to stress the bedroom others stress the living room. However, what we are aiming to stress in this article is no other than the bathroom. It actually depends on the importance you give to each room, for instance no one will give much attention to the bedroom if they think that it is only for the eight hours sleep of the night. Likewise, you will not spend much money on the living room if you do not spend much time there. This is why we encourage you to invest more in your…

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  • Bathroom Floor Designs – Floor Tiles

    Bathroom Floor Designs – Floor Tiles

    The floor of your bathroom is the first item that attracts the attention, contrary to any other room where the floor is covered by a beautiful rug or carpet. So, you should choose a well-designed floor to add more beauty and function to your bathroom. Here are a few floor designs to help you choose the best look of your bathroom. Before you add new floor tiles, try to ensure that all of your under-floor pipelines and tubes are perfectly installed and that your tiles will endure the heat, steam, and moist. Then, you will need to measure the bathroom fixtures accurately to decide the size of your floor tiles. Now, you can search online and in the specialized magazines…

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