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  • Bright and Fun Kitchen and Bathroom Decor Ideas with Beverly Bradshaw Interiors

    Bright and Fun Kitchen and Bathroom Decor Ideas with Beverly Bradshaw Interiors

    Most of the kitchens and bathrooms have limited spaces and small windows; thus, you should find alternative ways to provide your small kitchen a bright look. Here are a few ideas from the designs of Beverly Bradshaw to create airy, bright, and fun moods in small and large kitchens and bathrooms. If you have a small powder room or master bathroom without windows, you should use large mirrors, glass surfaces, powerful lighting fixtures, bright sealed wallpaper and white bathtub and sink to provide the place a spacious and airy look. You can still create a luxurious and warm feel in the place using shades of creamy and brown colors and warm lighting options. Another way to provide the place a…

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  • Innovative Ways to Create a Theme in Your Kitchen and Bathroom Using Tiles with t

    Innovative Ways to Create a Theme in Your Kitchen and Bathroom Using Tiles with the Architectural Ceramics

    Do you prefer to cover the interior parts of your bathroom and kitchen with ceramic or stone tiles to avoid mold and mildew? Remember that such tiles can adorn the walls and floor enhancing the theme of the place. It is an easy trick to provide your small bathroom and kitchen a spacious and bright look using the suitable tiles. For example, Architectural Ceramics Tile and Stone team members decorate a small bathroom with wall white marble tiles and handsome floor white mosaic tiles surrounded by decorative black and white borders. The same pattern of the boarders decorates the walls of the shower area to create a sense of balance in the place. In a similar small kitchen, the designer Jennifer…

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  • Luxurious Tight Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas by the Adams

    Luxurious Tight Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas by the Adams

    You may sacrifice one of the kitchen and bathroom services because you have limited areas in your home. However, you can inspire certain ideas from professional designers such as Melissa Adams to create custom full-service kitchen and bathroom and decorate them in a luxurious way. The neutral colors with a touch of colorful mosaic tiles or natural stone will provide your bathroom a luxurious and spacious look. Melissa tries to make use of every inch in the bathroom walls creating a bathtub beside one wall, a vanity with plenty of mirrors beside the opposite one, and a glass shower cabin along with open shelves for the towels with a glass door in the third wall. The bathroom may seem clutter,…

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  • Get a creative look in your bathroom with nice modern curtain

    Get a creative look in your bathroom with nice modern curtain

    The bathroom is an important room as any other room in your house or it may be even more important than others. So you have to pay more attention for your bathroom decorating and you should create a stylish and functional modern bathroom as well. One of the important accessories for your bathroom is the bathroom curtain. The bathroom window curtain is a type of accessories that provide practical use and charming atmosphere. You may think that it is like the other curtains in the house. But you are completely wrong; it is so different in functionality and environmental condition. When you are going to buy your bathroom window curtain you should consider various factors to select that right one…

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  • Cute shower curtain to enhance your bathroom overall look

    Cute shower curtain to enhance your bathroom overall look

    Undoubtedly, there are some simple items that can change the look that give your bathroom a stunning and elegant atmosphere. One of them is the shower curtain which has a vital role to enhance your bathroom stylish look and functionality. Do you want to change your bathroom designs with just a cute curtain? It is so easy and possible. You just need to decide few things before purchasing your new curtain to beautify your bathroom. First, you should measure well your curtain’s spot, and then consider what material do you need your curtain to be made from? Next, select the cute designs you wish it to have. The amazing features about curtains are that they are available in the market…

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  • Enhance your bathroom with a beautifully printed shower curtain

    Enhance your bathroom with a beautifully printed shower curtain

    The bathroom is one of your important rooms at your home. You may think there is no creativity to add in your bathroom. But it is completely wrong, you can decorate your bathroom with the best way you can. With a small item, you can change the whole look of your bathroom and enhance its beauty and functionality. This small item is the shower curtain which can with its simplicity make your bathroom look completely different. The shower curtains nowadays are not the boring items you may think it was, there now a variety of shower curtain designs, styles, colors and even different materials. There are printed shower curtains with different designs which can suit everyone taste whether adult or…

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  • Create an illuminated and elegant bathroom with the right features

    Create an illuminated and elegant bathroom with the right features

    What do you think about your bathroom design? Do you want it to look illuminated and practical as well? Do you care about your bathroom like the other rooms? Some people think that the bathroom is not important to care about like a living room or bedroom. They take it as granted; they design it without knowledge and neglect its decor. But the bathroom is the most important room inside your house where you seek relaxation and luxury feel. To decorate your bathroom perfectly, you have to talk a look around online or by reading decor magazine. Nowadays, there are various bathroom designs which vary in sizes, shapes, style and colors. You should first consider your bathroom size to get…

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  • Unique Bathtub Designs for an Enjoying Bathing Experience

    Unique Bathtub Designs for an Enjoying Bathing Experience

    Having a unique experience every time you enter your bathroom will entirely change your life and renew your power. If you can install an impressive and comforting bathtub, you will mostly spend such an amusing experience after your long day of hard work. The personal soaking bathtub will give you a spa feel using its crystal clear water and futuristic look. It has built-in lighting and audio systems in addition to the cover that resembles the pure sky. The celestial bathtub contains 360 LED lights in addition to the unique sound system that will let you change your mood while soaking into the water. The colorful lights of the bathtub will be able to change the decor of the whole…

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  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitchen Mosaic Tiles

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitchen Mosaic Tiles

    The colorful ceramic, glass, or organic mosaic tiles will give your kitchen a luxurious look and clear feel.Such tiles will match your decor as they come with different colors and materials. If you can’t decide to install suchtiles in your kitchen, try to read the full article to be acquainted with their pros and cons. You can install solid or multicolored mosaic tiles with simple or intricate patterns to the walls and floor of your kitchen to give them an elegant and luxurious look. Some mosaic tiles have repeated patterns to create a complete picture or flower to give your floor or wall a wonderful look. Such tiles come in almost any size, shape, and color to find the suitable…

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  • Simple ways to Grout Your Floor and Wall Tiles

    Simple ways to Grout Your Floor and Wall Tiles

    Do you have gapes among the bathroom or kitchen floor or wall tiles; thus, afraid from the leak of water? Do you need just to enhance the look of your old floor and wall tiles? If so, you can use simple tools and your steady hand to do this project yourself. To make sure that the grouting project will be successful, you should choose the right color and type of grout and the right tools and materials. The light colored grout will be perfect to create a flowing sleek look in your light colored room, while the dark colored grout will accentuate different patterns. You can opt for pre-mixed or ready mixed grout types and stick them to the gaps…

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  • 7 Impressive Shower Head Designs for a relaxing Bathroom

    7 Impressive Shower Head Designs for a relaxing Bathroom

    Having an impressive showerhead means that you will have enjoying and relaxing times in your bathroom. You can just imagine the shape of your new showerhead, and you will certainly find your target in the specialized stores. This article will provide you a few innovative designs to inspire your imagination with the features of your ideal showerhead. The musical showerhead has waterproof speakers to let you enjoy relaxing sounds while you are relieving your body with the warm or cold water. Moreover, the showerhead will let you adjust the type of the flowing water from a waterfall to a wide rain. The cleansing horizontal showerhead combines the features of a bathtub and a shower as it is made of elegant…

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  • Relaxing and Impressive Bathtub design Ideas

    Relaxing and Impressive Bathtub design Ideas

    Having a bathtub selected according to your own taste will be a perfect place to spend relaxing and stress-free times. The point is to choose the bathtub that will go with your needs and budget taking into consideration the style, design, and color of your bathroom. The relaxing bathtubs are available with different materials including acrylic, wood, granite, stainless steel, copper, cast iron, travertine, or marble according to the style of your bathroom and your preferences. To give your bathroom a modern touch, you can choose a bathtub with an untraditional color such as purple, yellow, or black. This bathtub will completely change the look of the place, especially when you remodel an existing bathroom.The bathtub with a blue inner…

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  • Useful Tips to Choose the Suitable Bathroom Sink

    Useful Tips to Choose the Suitable Bathroom Sink

    Do you intend to remodel your existing bathroom or design a new one? In both cases, you should decide carefully the components you will use, as they will mostly long for several years. One of the key components of your bathroom is the sink that should be chosen depending on the ages of your family members, your budget, the size and style of your bathroom, and the overall look you intend to create. The bathroom sinks become available in different materials to match your modern, traditional, or vintage styled home. You can choose from a wide range of materials including glass, ceramic, wood, brass, cast iron, concrete, granite, marble, porcelain, chrome, and stainless steel, according to your preferences. The size…

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  • Inspiring Ideas for a Relaxing and Artistic Bathroom

    Inspiring Ideas for a Relaxing and Artistic Bathroom

    If you need to spend memorable times in your bathroom, don’t be hesitated in creating a special artwork to provide your bathroom a unique and relaxing look. For this purpose, you can use marble, wall accessories, and suitable colors. Here, you will find a few ideas to decorate such a bathroom in a relaxing and artistic way. Covering your bathroom’s floor and walls with marble will give the place different moods depending on your vision, as it can create a balanced space for personal hygiene ora stunning artistic look. The Marmara white marble with dark veins will enhance the relaxing and artistic look of your modern bathroom creating a spalook along with fresh and fluffy towels, soft candlelight, floating roses,…

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  • Enjoying and Relaxing Modern Young Kids Bathroom Decorating Ideas

    Enjoying and Relaxing Modern Young Kid’s Bathroom Decorating Ideas

    Decorating any room for your little kid will create a fun and enjoying feel in the whole home. You have to be creative when decorating such a room to keep your kid interested and to develop his abilities. If you need to decorate a bathroom attached to your kid’s bedroom or an independent one, you will find this article very useful. The first criterion you should consider when decorating a kid’s room is accessibility. Everything in the place should be at the level of your kid’s hand or should have a stool underneath to let your kid rely on himself all the time.You can use shining and high-tech accessories to enhance the functional and decorative look of the place, but…

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  • Pros and Cons of Various Bathroom Floor Tile Types

    Pros and Cons of Various Bathroom Floor Tile Types

    The floor is one of the most effective design elements in your bathroom. It can define the style and mood in addition to the durability of the place. That is why you should select your floor tiles carefully according to your needs. To choose the perfect floor tiles for your own bathroom floor, you should compare the pros with the cons of every type until you reach what will meet your needs.Vinyl floor tiles are inexpensive, safe, comfortable, and easy to maintain, install, and clean. Such tiles will certainly match your bathroom decor, as they are available in different designs and colors. Additionally, you can install double thick vinyl floor in the damp areas, as it is stain resistant. However,…

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  • Functional Storage Tricks for a Clean and Sleek Bathroom

    Functional Storage Tricks for a Clean and Sleek Bathroom

    The personal belongings used may be the first cause of cluttering your bathroom, but organizing them in the right way will add to the aesthetic look of the place. You will need just to use the perfect cabinet with an impressive lighting system and your bathroom will be your dream space. Your electric personal belongings can be damaged by any drop of water and may clutter your bathroom if placed on your vanity. Such a simple problem can be solved by a compact nook with a pocket or lift-up door hanged on a convenient height. When you need to use an electric toothbrush, hair dryer, shaver, or straightener; you can just plug the device in the nearest outlet and take…

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  • Impressive Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Designs

    Impressive Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Designs

    The sleek and high-tech design of your modern kitchen and bathroom will be greatly enhanced by your careful choice to every piece of furniture and fixtures including the faucets.The modern faucets come with various designs with unique look, LED lights, and touch screens. The scrubber integrated bathroom faucet has a built-in scrubbing pad made of a soft material and short bristles to wash the dirt quickly from your hands. The sleek thermo chromatic faucet has a modern and sleek design to let you adjust the temperature of the water accurately in addition to decorating the place using its six LED lights. The faucet has a ring to control the temperature of water and change the spectrum of light.The branch like…

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  • Creative Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas on Budget

    Creative Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas on Budget

    If your small bathroom has squeaky floor tiles, drafty windows, and less-than-perfect plumbing, you will really need a whole makeover to renew the basic component of the place. However, your bathroom may need a few changes to look new and inviting. This article will offer you inexpensive ways to remodel your small bathroom. The first step in your small bathroom makeover project is to make sure that it has enough storage space. For example, your shower items such as sponges, soaps, and hair care products may be place in a built-in shower niche with glass doors near your showerhead to be accessible and arranged neatly. You may need to install new towel hooks, bath bench, and tub caddy according to…

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  • Creative Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

    Creative Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

    The vanity is one of the key parts of your bathroom, as it usually includes a storage space, as ink, a faucet, and a mirror. When you search for a new vanity, you should take into consideration the size, style, and decor of your bathroom, the number of your family members, and your lifestyle. This article will show you different options to the bathroom vanities to find out what will exactly blend with your own bathroom. If you have a large number of family members and a small bathroom, the back-to-back floating vanities will let two persons use bathroom together and save a floor space to be an additional storage area.Such vanities have wall-mounted sinks and suitable sized countertop in…

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