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Beautiful Modern Swedish Bedroom Designs

The pale colors are in common use in Swedish interiors as Sweden has a long winter and short summer so Swedish interiors feature pale creams and ivory colors to maximize light. In a Swedish room design, you can paint the walls in whites and light grays.

To get a modern Swedish bedroom, then you need to paint the walls white or another pastel shade, and attach white or pastel moldings around the room where the ceiling meets the wall. Keep in mind; the most popular colors for a Swedish-style interior are white and blue.

To add a touch of warmth to your room, combine gold and red together and paint your room walls. To give your room a modern Swedish look, then you should opt for wooden floor. You can also use a large white or light blue area rug.

When it comes to Swedish furniture styles, then there are many styles to choose from such as country furniture which consists of rustic antiques. If you want to add a historical touch to your Swedish room, opt for mid-century Swedish furniture.

Using long, slim benches with upholstered tops in your Swedish room is a great addition. To personalize your space, then you need to use some accessories like some piece of Scandinavian pottery and light fixtures. To enhance the overall Swedish look of your room, try to get throw pillows in your space.

To brighten up your Swedish room, combine hanging light fixtures with various standing lamps in materials like wrought iron, chrome, frosted glass, paper and porcelain. To impart a romantic atmosphere to your room, then you should use candles and crystal chandeliers. Likewise, you can use wall sconces and table lamps in order to make your room warmer and more beautiful.

A holistic understanding about beautiful modern Swedish bedroom designs can be gained from viewing the accompanying photos.