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The Beauty of a Mexican Style Bedroom

When applied to a room, Mexican style manages to make a fiesta of colors that exude warmth and serenity at the same time. It has both the cheerful vibrant atmosphere of colors and the coziness and romance of old world. Read on to learn how to achieve the beauty of Mexican style in your bedroom.

Any look meant to be Mexican would be incomplete without a riot of colors. Therefore, try injecting bright colors into your bedroom to get the best effect. One way is to paint the walls in two bright colors, one in bottom and a lighter one in top. The typical Mexican colors vary between terracotta, greens, yellow, reds, blues, and pinks.

Even your furniture should exhibit some of those bright colors. You could paint the edges of the furniture and add those colors through the ceramic tabletops of your side tables. Mexican furniture is usually straight-lined, made of pine wood, walnut, or cherry and it displays lots of attractive ornamentation.

When it comes to flooring, you should never use wall-to-wall carpeting. Alternatively, go for ceramic or clay tiles, or hardwood flooring or you can use a small hand-woven rug. As for the curtains, select cotton or brocade curtains with folk art designs on them that go really well with your beddings and rugs.

Look for bedding and linens that have Mexican floral motif patterns on them. However, if you choose beddings with solid colors, you could dress them up with bold multicolored pillows. Your curtain rods, mirror frames, and lighting fixtures should all be made of wrought iron or wood. You could also use leather for upholstery to complete the vintage look.

Hand-woven wall hangings and framed photos mark Mexican style, so try picking some of your favorite ones for your bedroom. Also, use colorful woven baskets as catchalls for keys and other small items. You can store your clothing in trunks or blanket chests.

Your Mexican bedroom could go all the way from humble modest look up to magnificent sophisticated look according to your choices of fabrics and furnishings. The brightest side of this style is that both looks are truly awesome.

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