A Bed Room from a Fairy Tale for your Young Prince and Princess

Any kid loves to have a theme room. It is very easy now to have this room using wall murals; they can give the room a spacious atmosphere. Your kid’s room can turn into a castle with a few steps. If you want to do it personally or give the artist some directions, follow these tips.

You don’t want a mural that your kid would want to change after some time as he grows up. Choose one that will be suitable for the kid as a baby and a preteen. So go for a versatile theme. So if it is a boy room, go for a space mural. And if it is a girl’s room, choose free handed big swirls or flowers. Use bright colors that will give it a sophisticated atmosphere for example green, turquoise and purple. Involve your kids in the process so they can get attached to the mural.

Add an eccentric feeling with using fairy wall murals. Paint one of the creatures to look like your daughter; this will make it look sentimental. Flower petals, entire fairies neighborhood and woodland creatures are great t add to the artwork. Make this theme a modern one by painting the outer shape of a fairy it will not cost much and will make the room look sophisticated.

Use neutral colors on the mural so that you will have the ability to repaint the other 3 walls in any color you or your child want. You don’t have to complicate your mural just paint a lot of stars and a moon on the room ceiling and paint a rocket ship on the wall. To personalize your mural paint the shapes in different sizes so everybody will know it is handwritten.
With some creativity and care you will have a mural everyone will envy your decor. And it will last for years.

Every little girl would love to live in the fairytales they meet every day. Your little girl would love to be the princess that she hears about in her favorite stories, see them in movies, and read about them. A great addition of your little girls room is the princess castle bed. Each princess has her own bed so give yours hers. Add a luxuries piece to your princess room that will make

her happy; for example ad a loft bed, big plush pillows, canopy bed and satiny, silky costumed bedding.
A magic mirror on of her princess bed walls. A settee that looks like Cinderella’s buggy and horse is a great idea. Ideas like this will make your young daughter room a wonderful one. These were some ideas for a unique beautiful and magical room for your little prince and princess.

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