Bedroom Color Schemes that offers Ethereal Beauty

A big part of color psychology goes like this; when warm and rich colors as red and orange are applied in a room, they add limitless energy and vibrancy but would make your room look kind of closed up. Cold colors such as blue and green offer a tranquil relaxing effect on your mind, whereas neutral colors like beige, brown, and cream lend a stable delicate background which gives you a great opportunity to use bold colors with accessories and fabrics without compromising mental comfort.

Whilst choosing your favorite colors in your own sanctuary is a must, maintaining its harmonious calm atmosphere is equally important. Here are some color combinations that would hopefully help you achieve both. Scroll down, would you?

As your bedroom is a place to retire and unwind from tiring lives, it’s evidently no place for bright colors. Although they are vigorous, stimulating and what nots, they will deprive the room of any kind of intimacy or serenity. Conversely, neutral color scheme will lend you the required peaceful atmosphere while making your room look airier and much larger.

Alternatively, you can pick three consistent colors that stem from the same primary color, and use the lighter shade as a dominant color and the other two bolder shades as a secondary and accent colors. That could be ideal in your kids’ bedroom. For instance, you can combine light blue with sandy beige shades for an ideal maritime theme.

You can also accentuate a light orange by installing wallpaper on one wall behind the bed with bolder orange and brown textures. Then, you can use the same dark brown color for the headboard and curtains and the same dark orange color for trims and accessories to create an interesting cottage vibe.

Contrasting warm and cold colors is another graceful option. You can install yellow or red murals on white walls and by using those warm colors in fabric prints and accessories, they will make your bedroom extremely cheerful. Likewise, if you seek a monochromatic effect, then consider using textures and patterns and painted furniture to enliven your tonal color scheme.