Bedroom Colors for Girls

The bedroom design reflects our personality and our taste. Choosing colors is a great point we start with it. The idea of the project lies in low-budget. Choosing color consistent with your girl’s feminine touch is not enough. Girl’s age and her desires play an important role in selecting the color. The usual colors, we know, are pink and green. Pink refers to the convenience, green to the nature. Additionally, yellow and red are good colors.

The girl may not prefer the mentioned colors. She may choose a different collection as pink and lime green, pink and orange, or yellow and purple. Sometimes your girl chooses a strange or black color. In this case, you can’t protest against her desire. You may paint the decoration with lighter color or use some stencils with light color. Selecting the black color has a bad influence on eyes and the space of the room. Adding some spots of dark colors will be adjusted by your girl. Painting lines on the wall is the simplest way to get an attractive view.

Every girl has her character and also has her special taste. As a result, there is a debate on the theme of painting walls. In fact, the themes are various; each theme has specific features and special effect. Painting the whole room with light sky blue color and making some clouds all over the walls will create a sky theme. It develops your girl’s imagination.

How to make the beach theme? Painting the base color of the wall with light blue as well as varnishing the lower parts with light brown color for creating the look of a beach. Before drying the brown color, you can use a sponge to create a sandy look. At the highest part of the wall, use a sponge on random spots for the white clouds. Flower garden theme suits all the ages. Painting the backgrounds of the walls with floral colors –using a thin paintbrush- looks very natural and wonderful. The creative themes are non-stop. You can make new themes easily through your inspiration.

Girl’s Bedroom decorating: Where do I start?

Bedrooms represent pretty world for every girl. The girl does her special activities in this imaginative atmosphere. She is playing with dolls, picking out fabrics with floral models, studying, sleeping, even putting makeup and dreaming about Prince Charming. Girls aged between adolescence or before it express their opinions freely.

You can make a list of your daughter’s favorite colors, toys, animated character, and so on. So, keep in your mind these steps for the sake of satisfying her desires and taste. First, choose her favorite color, accessories and bed linens. Also, use a mirror over the dresser and you can attach the mirror to the dresser or on the wall.

Second, make different effects on your girl’s room by using art posters, paints, chest of drawers, or notice board to put up her magazine cutters. Then you should match bed linens, a duvet, or bedspread with the theme of the room and your girl’s favorite color.

When the design is based on imagination, it will look so perfect. For example, adding small decorating table or floor lamp without great expense, or rather using the dolls into the dazzling light creates her a nice smile.