bedroom dressing – small bedroom with a nice dresser and all!

How to decorate your small bedroom with a nice dresser and all! Small bedrooms require particular treatment, it is mainly about caution. Why you have to be cautious? because if you didn’t you will end up with a room that is pretty messed up. The first thing to do is to take measurements of the room, try making them as accurate as possible. The second most important thing is to decide what are the most important pieces that you need in your ‘small’ bedroom. Let’s choose to have the basic stuff, a small bed with storage drawers, a small wardrobe, a small basic side table and the dressing table.

Dressing tables are obviously an option that you can go without. However since many people would rather have such a beautiful item in their room, we will go with the scenario where there is a dressing table and the possible designs for a small bedroom. Dressing tables for small bedrooms are mainly two styles. The first available style for limited spaced rooms is the loop leg table and it has a mirror and two drawers with a french touch and it is perfect for small bedrooms. The second style is the compact dresser, it is elegant with oak finishes and is perfect for small rooms.

Dressing tables are available in many wood styles like teak, pine and mahogny. Teak is known for its high durability and elegant finishes. Mahogny is by far the most elegant wood type of all times and you can possibly guess by the price. However, pine wood is the one that is most recommended when it comes to small rooms because it has the lightest color. Accordingly, when painting your small bedrooms light or neutral colors are the best like white, cream or beige and you will have the coolest room ever.

Pics Via : simon-taylor

Pics Via : tazatek