Bedroom interior painting ideas – Decor House

Currently changing ordinary & boring life is a common wish. There are many ways, as extreme as buying a new house or as simple as repainting the house, the latter seeming more financially convenient. Bedroom, living room, and staircase are the most important parts & the paint should be correspondent.

Painting your house is not a piece of cake mission; you should know some rules to be able to make your home pretty & comfortable.

There are four moods of Decors:

1- Luxury Decor:

Traditional, charming, original. Could be noticed in fabrics, jewelry, furnishings and accessories.

2- Calm Decor:

Quiet – gives space and comfort – suitable with green, blue, light pink & light purple curtains are important parts of it.

3- Exciting Decor:

Lively, active and funny . Gives a new spirit to your live, it shows clearly in yellow, red and orange but also others think that it makes the room dark & small.

4- Neutral Decor:

Gives the balance to your live, is correspondent with gray, beige, skin color and brown.

Bedroom is the most important part of your house, it is the place that you begin your day and also finish it. Hence, it has a big influence on your mood and your life, so most of experts advise you to choose the cool colors because they are the best. Green & blue are an amazing mix.

Pink is the favorite color for girls bedroom. Balanced yellow with white makes you feel worm & cheerful. Lighter shades of Green and Blue give unique feeling, White and Red is creative. New ideas for painting your bedroom: don’t leave your wall empty; draw on it any shape you want to make you cheerful & comfortable. The golden rule in painting is “try it before you do it”.