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10 Stunning Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] bedroom has a special impact on individuals. It is the area of your house where you spend maximum time so picking a color for bedroom is very important.

1- To create an energetic ambiance for your bedroom, paint your bedroom walls with vibrant wall paint colors like hot red, crimson, violet, purple, maroon, emerald blue, emerald green, bright orange and fresh yellow.

2- If you love bright shades, then you can go for classic combos of yellow and orange, red and ivory, gray and yellow ochre, light green and yellow or maroon and gray. But try to use these shades, just for 1-2 walls in order to create a vibrant effect.

3- Keep in mind that the most popular colors for bedroom are pink, blue, green, purple or orange. Likewise the nature theme is one of the most popular themes for bedrooms.

4- To get a lively bedroom, add vibrant furnishings that match paint colors or consider dark shades.

5- To add character to your bedroom, then you should use coffee and cream in your bedroom.

6- Keep in mind that today trendy paint colors are and mustard and taupe, chocolate and powder blue, burgundy and olive green.

7- When it comes to girls’ bedroom, then nothing can beat pink as it is a very soothing color. Consider having different shades of pink for different walls of your bedroom.

8- If you mixed pink with yellow, you will get a beautiful apricot hue.

9- To get an inviting bedroom, mix pink with light blue. This mélange works out very well as pink and light blue are really complementary to each other.

10- If you want muted effect in the bedroom, opt for Neutral colors such as tans, gray shades, gold shades, metallic brown and matte.

In case you liked reading this article, you will surely adore taking a look at the following photos about 10 stunning bedroom paint color ideas.