bedroom ideas

bedroom ideas
  • Decorating your basement to be a charming bedroom

    Decorating your basement to be a charming bedroom

    Every house contains a basement. Sometimes the basement is abandoned, while it can serve as an extra room by the right decorating and enlarge your house space. So be smart and get ready to decorate your basement to be your charming extra room. You can use it as bedroom, playroom, music room and more. If you decide decorating your basement as a bedroom, it will be a fun task when you do it yourself with your family. You need the basement to be cozy and enjoyable bedroom. Thus, you need to consider some tips to create your wonderful bedroom. First, measure and inspect your basement to fix anything needs to be maintained, after measuring the basement size, now come the…

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  • Set a wise plan to pick a Modern fantastic bedroom wardrobe

    Set a wise plan to pick a Modern fantastic bedroom wardrobe

    he bedroom wardrobe is an essential element which needs to be picked carefully. You need something to combine between the functionality and the fantastic look. The built-in wardrobe is the best choice you would ever make. Because it allows you to use every free space you want. There are some tips to consider before choosing your wardrobe. First you should measure the area you want to place the wardrobe in, the actual size and height. Then what is the wardrobe capacity you need. Next tip is to choose a good quality wardrobe material and what color to choose to match your bedroom décor. The modern wardrobes nowadays are available with wide range of sizes, shapes, styles and colors. Moreover you…

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  • 5 Types of Bunk Beds you Must Learn About

    5 Types of Bunk Beds you Must Learn About

    bunk bed is considered the best choice parents consider for their children, In order to choose the right bunk bed; you must first know its types. The bunk bed has two beds the top bunk is above the others, you can find it in different styles, but there are five major types if we classified it by their size and structure. These types are listed below:- 1- The most popular type is Twin over twin beds. It is really suitable for kid’s room and it could be work in a teenager’s bedroom as well. 2- The second type is a very useful one. It is Loft bunk beds. It gives your kids’ room a big storage space which you can…

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  • Inspirational attic bedroom’s design ideas

    Inspirational attic bedroom’s design ideas

    Do you need to make a use of every single place inside your home and redesign it to be a cozy and comfortable room? Your Attic space is a good place to remodel and use it wisely to get a totally new room. Here are some ideas to decorate your attic as a new bedroom and what to consider before beginning the attic makeover? First you should check the area if it needs to be repaired and the next step to measure the whole space to know what the items you really need. After setting your plan including the budget and the items required. This is the time to begin the decoration task. For the decoration and the makeover process,…

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  • Ideas to get a romantic bedroom with Christmas light

    Ideas to get a romantic bedroom with Christmas light

    Bedroom is the place where you should feel comfortable and relaxed, there is no doubt it is considered to be your heaven with your spouse. So the bedroom light is an essential element to enhance the warm and cozy atmosphere. Be smart and creative; decorate your bedroom with Christmas light to have a very romantic and comfortable place. Christmas light is not for holiday, it is available for every season, to have a unique stylish bedroom. The Christmas light is inexpensive but it add magical welcoming atmosphere. You can get it easily but you should know about them before going to stores. There are many inspiration ideas to hang Christmas light inside your bedroom. First you should consider your bedroom…

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  • Batman theme for funny and practical kid’s bedroom

    Batman theme for funny and practical kid’s bedroom

    Every day the stylish manufacturers look for the newest ideas for a pretty attractive kid’s bedroom. They try always to pick what the kids love and invent new decoration ideas to fit their tastes and personality. So for the parents the kid’s room decoration is a fun with the kid’s participation in this joyful process. Nowadays the popular and favorite characters for the kids are the fictional heroes like Batman, Superman, and Spider man .etc. when you are about decorating your kid’s room, you should ask yourself; Do your kid’s like fictional heroes? Once the answer is yes, now it is our pleasure to help you designing your kid’s dream world by the coolest one of them “Batman theme”. After…

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  • Create a charming and feminine bedroom for your baby girl

    Create a charming and feminine bedroom for your baby girl

    Decorating a girl bedroom is a fun task, you will enjoy designing your princess bedroom. You need to take care of every little detail inside your princess room; it is not just some items to pick together but it is an enjoyable process to create a paradise bedroom for your little princess. First before deciding the room items and colors, you have to bear in mind to design a room that grows up with your child, don’t be narrow-minded. Now for a girlish bedroom, every girl prefer the pink shades which contrast well with white and green stripes shades for accents also to make a pretty princess bedroom. The other feminine colors options are red and white, purple shades etc. The…

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  • Inspirations to create your own travel adventure bedroom

    Bedroom Theme – Inspirations to create your own travel adventure Bedroom Theme

    Do you want to create your dream bedroom, you desire to feel the adventure sense and get attractive bedroom look. You can achieve this by decorating your bedroom with travel theme which makes you fly through places and era. There are many travel themed bedroom styles; they vary according to the different personal taste. If you admired of ancient era, you can choose between different ancient themed bedrooms like ancient Egyptian style, Greek style, Asian style etc. you should be creative to decorate your unique travel themed bedroom as you wish. The ancient Egyptian bedroom is characterized by gold colored bed surrounded with netting and pyramid’s shaped furniture, the common colors for wall or furniture are gold, black, blue, orange,…

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  • Decorate your girl bedroom with dreamy and girly look

    Decorate your girl bedroom with dreamy and girly look

    A girl bedroom, is her favorite place ever, she want to feel as a princess in her castle. When you decide to decorate your girl bedrooms, you should consider her personality and what she likes, don’t forget also to take her inspirations for her room décor into your mind. The first step to create a cute girly bedroom is to pick her lovely theme and color scheme; so think about what your daughter character is! Is she a dreamy princess girl? So you can pick for her a princess theme or a fairy land theme. Is she sporty girl or talented girl? Pick the theme which fit her character to make her feel comfortable. Then choose girly color for the…

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  • Christmas decor for the Bedroom

    Christmas decor for the Bedroom

    Do the Christmas celebrations have to end when the family gathering gets dispersed for sleep? Not, of course. Guess who is knocking at the door of your bedroom. It is Santa Clause coming to give you the Christmas gift: he will help you to extend the celebration atmosphere to the bedrooms. Now, you will see how Santa Clause will leave a touch on every item in the bedroom, whether it is your room, your children’s room, or your guests’ room. A small change in the bedding will convey the atmosphere of celebration. You can get bedspreads in lively colors, like the rich cranberry, bright red, and pine green, and Christmas prints. If you like, you may get a quilt of…

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  • Ultramodern Different Sex Kids Bedroom Ideas

    Ultramodern Different Sex Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

    If you have a girl and a boy and need to create a single room for them, you should give everyone his own personality and freedom in the room. It will be a great idea to leave a considerable space between their two beds or establish a stylish room divider between the sleeping areas and leave a space at the middle of the room to let them play together. No matter the color you will use for such a room, but both of them should like it. You can paint the room white and orange, white and red, purple and light pink, grey, light brown, or green according to the color of furniture and your kids’ preferences. The way of…

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  • Amazing Ways of Paneling your Traditional Home with Bead boards

    Amazing Ways of Paneling your Traditional Home with Bead boards

    The bead boards are durable strips or sheets made of PVC, wood, plywood, or MDF to protect your walls giving them an elegant look. These strips can blend with your modern home, but they are widely used in the traditional homes, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. You can install bead board strips or sheets to any room’s ceiling and walls in addition to the backsplashand island of your kitchen, the bathtub in your bathroom, a built-in bookcase headboard in your bedroom, a mudroom coatrack, and a reading nook beside any window. Your kitchen cabinet can be made of the same material to be resistant to the water. The bead boards will certainly blend with any home décor, because they…

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  • Interesting High-Tech Touches to your Modern Bedroom

    Interesting High-Tech Touches to your Modern Bedroom

    Do you need to add an electric and interesting look to your modern bedroom?The perfect option for such a purpose would be the high-tech gadget or furniture pieces as they will entirely develop the look of the room. The bedspread or soft pillow nightlights will look like the normal pillows at the first glance, but when you squeeze it, the white or colorful lights will appear without producing heat or disturbing your sleep time. Such a room will look perfect with a tablet stand side table with its flat base and a hidden space under the top to let you store your books and magazines without cluttering the look of the place. The deceptively empty cabinet that will help the…

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  • Tropical Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    Tropical Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    If you need comfort, warmth, and exotic feel into your bedroom, the tropical theme will be the perfect solution. Such a room should be light and airy during the day to let you smell the fresh breeze and relax your body. Decorating your bedroom using the tropical theme should begin from the walls as they are the largest parts of the room. You can simply paint the walls tropical colors according to your understanding to the word ‘tropical’. If you feel that the tropical theme is green forests with colorful flowers the walls will look marvelous with sea foam green with shades of red, yellow, and brown. If you think of the beach as a tropical place, your bedroom can…

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  • Impressive DIY Lamp Projects to Decorate your Bedroom

    Impressive DIY Lamp Projects to Decorate your Bedroom

    Illuminating your home in a creative way is a perfect decoration for your bedroom as you will sleep and wake up comfortably. When you design such lighting fixtures yourself, you will be proud of your abilities; thus, you will have more self-confidence and will try to be creative in different sides of your life. Your table lamp is the first part you see every morning in your bedroom. Thus, you can design a lampshade for the existing table lamp using discarded books or even fabrics with the height you need. You can find pictures or colors to enhance the theme of your bedroom in such books. If you have artistic talents, you can create a faux flower out of durable…

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  • Wonderful Classic Young Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    Wonderful Classic Young Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    Do you need to increase the sense of self-confidence into your young girl and help her feel like a princess? If so, the classic bedroom will be your perfect option and she will certainly spend amusing and relaxing times in the room. The antique classic furniture will add a richness and luxury to your young girl bedroom with their durable materials and golden or silver accents. If the girl is still too young, she will certainly like thefairytale castle bed with a bed at the top and a storage space or a desk at the bottom. You can purchase an antique bed with decorative headboard and crown canopy to give your young girl a real feel of being a princess.…

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  • Amazing Ideas to Remodel Your Walk-in Pantry

    Amazing Ideas to Remodel Your Walk-in Pantry

    Having a walk-in pantry means that you already have a large storage space for different kitchen supplies. However, you may need to remodel this pantry regularly to accommodate your new storage needs providing your kitchen a clean and stylish look. You may need to evaluate the location of your walk-in pantry, as it should be near your cooking area to let you find your items easily and quickly. At the same time, the pantry should not obstacle the way of the functional areas to create a flowing look in the place. You may need just to organize your pantry in a different way to enhance its storage efficiency. For example, you can install new shelves with different heights according to…

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  • Interesting Canopy Bed Designs You Will Certainly Admire

    Interesting Canopy Bed Designs You Will Certainly Admire

    Canopy beds usually add luxurious and elegant look to any bedroom, especially if they are ornamented or transparent. You can get canopy beds with different designs to match your needs and the size and style of your bed. Let’s talk about a few designs that will add an interesting look to your lovely bedroom. You can design your canopy with different shapes to match your needs and bedroom design. For example, the chandelier canopy is perfect for the night reading and a decorative look in your bedroom. The ring canopy will provide you an unhindered and luxurious look using a ring at the center of the bed with a draping fabric. The headboard canopywill give your bedroom a traditional look,…

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  • Creative Ways to Add Fun to Your Kids’ Bedroom

    Creative Ways to Add Fun to Your Kids’ Bedroom

    Your kids at the pre-school stage will need to spend most of their time playing and having fun inside or outside their rooms. That’s why you should add more fun to the room as a way to let them enjoy their time and learn new skills at the same time. The theme of your kids’ bedroom should be an attractive and innovative to impress your kids. For example, the sport themed room may include a basket net as a toy shelf and a play area on the shape of a small basketball field to let your kid have fun and practice his favorite hobbies. You can use a white cloud mural at the ceiling of every layer of the loft…

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  • Cute Toddler Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    Cute Toddler Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    As parents, you will regularly think how your girl’s bedroom will look, and what should be placed and removed from the room. Actually, you can decorate the room according to your own preferences, but you should take into consideration that this room would form the beginning features of your girl’s personality. The light colors like white, pink, and purple are the popular colors for girls’ rooms, as they will match the magical world of their dreams. However, you can choose different colors like black and white, the degrees of yellow, white and light blue, or white and red. The decorations of the wall can attract your toddler girl’s attention and let her widen her imagination as she growing up. For…

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