bedroom ideas

bedroom ideas
  • Wonderful Bedroom Lighting Ideas on Budget

    Wonderful Bedroom Lighting Ideas on Budget

    Your bedroom should be the most relaxing and special space in your home; so, you should choose the functional and accent lighting according to your own taste. Here are a few cheap ideas that will inspire your imagination and add a wonderful decorative look to your bedroom. Having a canopy bed will be a great chance to add decorative lights yourself. The colorful garland can add a magical look if installed to the four pillars of your canopy from the ceiling to the floor. You can even add such garland at the surface of your canopy to create an incredibly romantic look in the bed and the whole room. Creating an inviting headboard with translucent plastic panels and string lights…

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  • Zen-ize Your Bedroom with These Fantastic Ideas

    Zen-ize Your Bedroom with These Fantastic Ideas

    The Zen Philosophy revolves around achieving tranquility and balance through controlling the flow of energy in your surroundings. With this concept, it is no wonder it has become so popular, especially for interior designers. Zen décor is one of your strongest weapons against fast-paced hectic life. Learn here how to Zen-ize your bedroom. 1- Use soft neutral colors. Neutral colors convey a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Soft shades of grey, beige, white and brown especially have that effect. Achieve the Zen effect by using different elements in these colors to complement each other. 2- Avoid cold manufactured tiled surfaces as much as you can. Use wooden floorings and rugs made of natural materials like cotton or wool. Parquet floors…

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  • The 5 Necessities of a Comfortable Bedroom

    The 5 Necessities of a Comfortable Bedroom

    A bedroom is that special space in your house where you do whatever it is that brings you comfort (sleeping for some people, laying back and reading a book for others). This special space has to be prepared so that it could bring you into the state of comfort. How to prepare it? With these necessary pieces, or rather bedroom necessities mentioned in the following lines. 1- You need a good mattress for a comfortable sleep. You could even try to lay on the mattress to try it before buying. There are even other options like using futons, if you are more into simplicity than style. 2- You need to gather all mobile phones, computers, radios, TVs and all similar…

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  • Gothic-Up Your Bedroom with Few Simple Steps

    Gothic-Up Your Bedroom with Few Simple Steps

    One of the designs that are becoming widely popular in both fashion and decor is gothic design. Gothic décor has a beautiful mysterious touch that never fails to draw fans. However, gothic decor involves more than just dark colors and mysterious-looking furniture. Here is how to gothic-up a bedroom. 1- First and most important clean and de-clutter your room. There is no place for mess in gothic design (or any design for that matter). To showcase a certain decor you love, you have to lessen non-related visual factors. Now that you have got rid of the mess, sweep, vacuum, scrub and mop everything clean. 2- Gothic style is known for diversity. There are many styles you could apply to your…

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  • Make Your Teenage Daughter's Room Paris Chic with 7 Simple Ideas

    Make Your Teenage Daughter’s Room Paris Chic with 7 Simple Ideas

    When you hear the word “Paris”, you think of elegance, beauty, fashion, romance, dreams, starry nights and night-lights. It is no wonder that every teenage girl wishes to visit Paris at least once in her life. Therefore, the best theme a girl could think of for a bedroom decor would be a Paris inspired theme, and here is how to make it: 1- Best wall paint colors for a Paris theme would be Tiffany blue, beige, soft baby pink or soft cream. After you are done with the wall paint, Use stencil art or cut out Vinyl stickers (in Eiffel tower pictures for example) to decorate the walls. 2- Furniture is the key element here in giving the bedroom a…

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  • 4 Reasons to Choose Full Size Bunk Bed for Teenager Rooms

    4 Reasons to Choose Full Size Bunk Bed for Teenager Rooms

    We totally recognize that teens have many ideas whirling in their brains and that makes them desire to perform many activities in their rooms. Therefore, they need special requirements to their rooms, which could make mums and dads really hesitant about choosing a bedroom for their teenagers. One of the awesome pieces of furniture is the full size bunk bed. It will be really useful, if you are a want to create a great room for a teen. 1- There are many designs of full size bunk bed but the most popular design we prefer more than others is the full size bed with a desk underneath. There are many reasons to make you like this design more than other,…

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  • 7 important Tricks to Prepare a Relaxing Bedroom

    7 important Tricks to Prepare a Relaxing Bedroom

    We all know that sleep is an important and a necessary biological process for everybody. When you cannot sleep well, it will cause learning, concentration problems and much more. You can avoid that by doing few tricks that will make your bedroom more comfortable. 1- Getting a new mattress is the first thing you have to think about. Choose a comfortable mattress for you and your partner. If your mattress is comfortable for you, it will make your sleep very easy. 2- A good mattress for a good bedding, the bedding must be as comfortable and relaxing as well as the mattress. Both of them will work together to make you sleep better. 3- go for a hot shower, it…

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  • 5 Ideal Reasons to Have a Pine Bunk Bed in your Children’s Room

    5 Ideal Reasons to Have a Pine Bunk Bed in your Children’s Room

    Choosing children’s beds used to give fathers and mothers many headaches. Especially if they want a bed that can last their kids sleeping as they grow. We all know that what parents always want and what their kids want is two different matters. We consider that the pine bunk bed is very serviceable and it might be the best option for both of them. There are some reasons to have the pine bunk bed for your kids’ room, we will show it in those points:- 1- The pine bunk bed makes your kids bedroom appear larger, because it gives the room more space. That extra space your children need. 2- You know what the meaning of putting two youngsters in…

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  • 5 Things You Should Avoid to Make Your Bedroom Healthier

    5 Things You Should Avoid to Make Your Bedroom Healthier

    Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you move from one place to another you get sick? OR that when staying the night at the guest room at your friend’s house you end up having a bad case of allergy? This is because some places are healthy and some are not. Here are some tips on what to avoid to make your bedroom more healthy. 1- I know that some people do not like to sleep alone so they cuddle their pets when they sleep. This is one major cause for a variety of sicknesses and allergy cases. Pets might make you a restless sleeper and they might shed their hair that contains dust, germs, pollen and other things that…

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  • 3 Great Theme Ideas for Unisex Nurseries

    3 Great Theme Ideas for Unisex Nurseries

    Preparing a nursery for a baby on the way is one of the greatest times in the lives of every expecting parents. They would think of themes for decorating their baby’s room. Usually they choose cowboy or pirate themes for boys, and flowers or ribbons for girls. However, what if you are expecting a boy girl twin? You need themes suitable for a unisex nursery. 1- Circus is a fun theme for a unisex nursery. Soft shades of yellow or blue will work great for a background. Then use stencil art to draw circus animals. Also, use stuffed circus animals to decorate the room. You could use similar ideas for the covers, the curtains, and the carpets. 2- Balloons are…

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  • The 4 Steps of Choosing the Perfect Headboard for Your Bed

    The 4 Steps of Choosing the Perfect Headboard for Your Bed

    Bedroom is considered by many the most important room in the house. It is the place where we go back to for rest and relaxation or even for sometime for ourselves. Since beds are the focal point of bedrooms, we have to pay special care for choosing their style and decoration. Headboards are an important factor in making your bed look elegant. If you are looking for information about making your bed more beautiful and luxurious with the right choice of headboards then you have to follow these steps. 1- First thing you have to think about when choosing a headboard is the design. One of the greatest designs ever for headboards is the tailored upholstered headboards. This design gives…

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  • 4 Amazing Ideas for a Feminine Bedroom Oasis

    4 Amazing Ideas for a Feminine Bedroom Oasis

    When a lady comes back home from a tiring day at work feeling drained, she needs something relaxing to make her feel better. Evidently, a ballgame or a poker game with friends is not usually among things women enjoy so they will not provide them with the relaxing atmosphere they need. However, there are more simple and effect-lasting things a lady could do to her bedroom to turn it into a relaxing oasis. 1- Use soft floral colors for the walls. You do not have to limit yourself to pink. You could also use lime, turquoise, cream, violet or purple. Use one color as a main color and accent it with stronger accents of other colors. You could use wall…

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  • The 5 Most Popular Bedroom Themes

    The 5 Most Popular Bedroom Themes

    Are you bored with how your bedroom looks? Then why don’t you change its theme? Changing your bedroom theme from time to time will improve your mood and will let you sleep better. You have to learn enough information about the theme you are going to use. Here we list the most popular bedroom themes used to decorate bedrooms. 1- Asian themed bedroom are one of the most popular bedroom designs. This theme enhances peace and tranquility. Use traditional Japanese plants for decoration like bonsais and bamboo. The colors are also taken from nature. Green, white, blue and black are used to create the perfect look for a Japanese theme. 2- Fake furs and animal prints have been popular for…

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Have to Get a Sofa Bed for Your Bedroom

    5 Reasons Why You Have to Get a Sofa Bed for Your Bedroom

    Sofa beds are one of the greatest invention in modern decor. Many people just think that sofa beds just serve as a cheap substitute for regular bed. However, this is not really the case. Sofa beds have many advantages other than providing you with a place to sleep when you have some guests staying over at your place. 1- Some people like to lounge while watching TV. There is no shame in that! Sofa beds provide you with the perfect middle solution between regular beds and couches, so that you could lounge and relax the way you like while watching TV. 2- Sofa beds are amazingly comfortable. Therefore, if you – for example – like a change of scenery from…

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  • The Best Beds Designs Ever, Are Here

    The Best Beds Designs Ever, Are Here

    If you are remodeling, customizing or buying a new modern or classic bed, join me to tell you about some stunning designs. Sleigh beds are such a classy option for both classic and modern designs. They look stunning with their high, curved headboard and their curved footboards. Wooden sleigh beds come with many shapes, sizes and materials that fit any bedroom design. For example you will find wooden, leather, open foot, The wooden sleigh beds will provide you with the best comfort feeling you will ever experience. When you buy your wooden sleigh bed make sure to choose a good hard wood that lasts for long times. If you have a lack in your storage places, you can buy one…

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  • 4 Brilliant Ideas for Decorating Small Houses

    4 Brilliant Ideas for Decorating Small Houses

    Remodeling and decorating small houses can be challenging at best. You are faced with the overwhelming predicament of having everything you need but at the same time keeping your place tidy and pretty. Therefore, you have to think right and come up with smart decoration ideas so that your house does not look like a furniture store. We offer you here some brilliant ideas for decorating your small house. 1- Instead of having many small pieces of furniture that makes your house look cluttered, get few big pieces. Small pieces make your place look cluttered even if they fit inside your room. They will create a feeling that your house is smaller than it actually is, which should be avoided…

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  • Gorgeous Sliding-Doors Wardrobes for Contemporary Bedrooms

    Gorgeous Sliding-Doors Wardrobes for Contemporary Bedrooms

    Wardrobes were originally made for the wealthy with the sole purpose of storing clothes. But now anyone can acquire wardrobes or has them installed in their houses easily. Modern wardrobes give your contemporary furniture a vibrant touch and help you reduce the clutter and store your things neatly. We will tell you few things here that will help you when you purchase or design your modern bedroom wardrobe. Wardrobes have either sliding doors or hinged doors. Sliding doors open and close using a track. They give your bedroom a modern stylish look and they don’t need much space to open. The problem is that they require costly repairs if the track is damaged. On the other hand hinged doors are…

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  • 3 Great Ideas for Styling Bedrooms with Leather Beds

    3 Great Ideas for Styling Bedrooms with Leather Beds

    Many modern bedroom designs implement beds and other pieces of furniture that are made of leather. It is not really a surprise since leather has its own unique effect and beauty. However, getting a leather bed or leather bedroom furniture would be a waste of money if you do not know how to decorate and furnish your bedroom smartly to bring out the beauty in the leather pieces. We shall teach you here some great ideas for decorating and furnishing bedrooms with leather beds. 1- First thing you must do before placing the bedstead or any other bedroom furniture is choose a room with wooden flooring. Wooden floors match leather bed and furniture well. The harmony of the colors of…

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  • 4 clever Tips to Renovate Your Small Bedroom

    4 clever Tips to Renovate Your Small Bedroom

    The most special room in your house is definitely your bedroom; because it is the only area that helps you relax and forget daily stress. Therefore, your bedroom must have a calm atmosphere. Here are some ideas to help you in remodeling your small bedroom. 1- Change your furniture: Look for small furniture pieces with a few details because these make your room look bigger. Get the queen-size bed with a storage space under it, which enables you to use every inch in your bed. Use custom-made furniture smartly to get the best usage of the small space available 2- Repainting the walls: Select the right colors for your bedroom. Go for light colors instead of dark colors. Most people…

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  • 3 Elements You Have to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Curtains

    3 Elements You Have to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Curtains

    Bedroom curtains can be defined simply as beautiful lengths of fabric cut and stitched to cover your bedroom curtains. However, making them and choosing them is not as simple. There are some elements you have to consider when choosing a curtain for your bedroom. The most important of which are décor, light and privacy. We will here discuss how to use these elements to your advantage when choosing a bedroom curtain. 1- The first and most prominent element when choosing a curtain – or any piece of furniture – is decor. You have to observe the style of your room and cleverly match the design of the curtains you choose to it. You cannot – for example – use blinds…

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