Best Interior Design of Bedroom

The bedroom is the most special place in a home. It’s a personal world and a relaxation area and this is exactly why bedroom should be clean, attractive and calm.

Select your favorite color

Decide the color of your bedroom which suites your desirable design according to your age, personal inclinations and your life style. Try not to choose dark colors. Subtle colors and light shades help you to activate your energies and make your mood better.

Furniture for your bedroom

At first, take the size of your room and then choose the pieces of furniture to fit your available space. You should reduce the furniture items and accessories as much as possible.

The storage options

Store your things out of sight. Many modern beds have inbuilt storage for your extra beddings and belongings. Place a table with some drawers next to the bed where you can hide books, magazines and other personal objects to be reachable but hidden.

Floor and rugs

The best way to make your bedroom look wider is to place a wall-to- wall rug rather than carpets scattered around. You can also use wooden or laminated floors which do not need effort to sweep and can satisfy your creativity as well.

Lighting and decorative accessories

Start with the main lights such as tube lights and bulbs and then select the decorative lighting fixtures to add a lovely and soothing effect. Bedspreads, coverlets pillows and quilts are important elements of bedroom interior design. These accessories should be considered as a part of the whole bedroom scheme.

Get the best ceiling

You can choose a false ceiling or a simple one, depending on the height of the bedroom. A nice adorned ceiling with dim lights helps you to calm your senses when you lie on your bed.

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