Best Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Arranging your furniture does not have to be a struggle. Just use your imagination and follow the next tips. To draw the attention, then you need to create a focal point in your living room. It can be a warm fireplace. If your living room has one or two glass walls or huge glass windows, then this can be the best focal point of your living space.

Arranging the furniture around the focal point is a must in the living room. Try to arrange the furniture around the focal point in such a way to complete a square including this focal point. If you have a spacious living room, then you should arrange your furniture away from the walls.

Don’t forget, your living room furniture pieces should not block the traffic or make moving around inconvenient. To avoid blocking effect, opt for wrought iron furniture. Try to get a flat screen TV and mount it to the wall.

The best idea for creating a comfortable living room is to place the longest sofa right opposite the focal point so that those people sitting on sofa sets directly face the focal point. The next step is to place other furniture pieces on its either sides, so that they are perpendicular to it and the focal point.

For an elegant look, try to get small side tables and place each between two pieces of furniture. If your living room is spacious enough, then an ‘L’ shaped sofa is your choice and try to pair it with a single sitter couch. To enhance the overall look of your living room, opt for a pretty rug and place it in center of the furniture arrangement.

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