Best Victorian Decor

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]uxury, wealth and sophistication are the main characteristics of Victorian decor. The best colors for your Victorian home walls are red, dark mauve, burgundy, purple and dark green.To enhance the beauty of your Victorian decor, use flocked velvet and floral damask wallpaper.

If you decided to buy new furniture for Victorian decorating, it should be a combination of rich, dark wood and intricate fabrics, including velvet and embroidery. To add an elegant touch to your home, opt for pieces of furniture with carved feet, arms and.

Don’t forget to get pillows that are created with similar fabrics, and trimmed with lace, frills, beading, ribbons or bows. Keep in mind while choosing Victorian furniture; opt for settees, chairs and fainting couches that are upholstered and diamond-tufted in rich velvets, or French.

If you are enamored and love romance, then all you need are using wall sconces or a hanging, crystal-laden chandelier. Remember, lighting is very important factor in Victorian decor as lighting can serve proudly as a room’s focal piece.

Likewise, you can place lighting in strategic places in order to highlight period artwork, such as ornate sculptures and oil paintings. A gold, gilded frame mirror, a vintage dress form and a stuffed rocking chair are good choices for your bedroom.

To create a Victorian look in your kitchen, then you should place a large work table in the center of your kitchen and open shelving on the walls. Mantle clocks have a good impact on your Victorian decor.

Finally, to complete the authenticity of the Victorian decorating look, you have to add an area rug that is fashioned in an oriental style. To complement the overall appearance of your Victorian home, get Victorian rugs.

Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about best Victorian decor.

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