The Best Victorian Style Decor

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you have a Victorian home and want to accentuate the whole Victorian look, then all that you need is to read this article and follow the instructions. You can change the overall look of your Victorian home by adding lace tablecloths, formal floral displays and elaborate flocked wallpapers to your rooms. Likewise, you can change doorknobs and drawer pulls to porcelain or crystal.

Colors of your home walls are very important and if you have Victorian style in your home, then the best colors to use are dark and vibrant colors like sapphire, ruby, and emerald green but avoid light shades in the main rooms.

If you want to have light colors, include them in the kitchen and hallway. Keep in mind that Victorian dining room has a great value in your home. To add the richness to the room, you should get table clothes, bed sheets, and pillow covers that made of made of laces, embroidery and ribbons.

You can adorn you home walls by using oil paintings in elaborate frames. Soft ambient lighting is the best choice for Victorian style. To enhance your Victorian home’s appearance; go for marble, tiles, bricks or even hard wood for your kitchen flooring.

If you decide to buy new furniture, you should opt for furniture that made of teak, oak, mahogany, rosewood, or walnut. To accentuate the whole Victorian look, use pretty carved tables.

Don’t forget accessories are substantial while decorating your home. To get a beautiful and elegant appearance; you have to go for heavily embroidered fabric curtains. To add aesthetic touch, use wallpapers with different patterns like flowers or butterflies.

A holistic understanding about the organization of such a wonderful decoration can be gained from viewing the accompanying photos about the best Victorian style decor.

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