Best ways to clean your laundry room

Laundry room is the most neglected room in the house. In this article we offer you some ideas that might help you to get a tidy and catchy laundry room. Here are best ways to clean your laundry room:

Get a broom and climb onto the chair and swirl your broom in all the corners of the room and dust them well. The best method to clean the sink is to add a cup of vinegar, half a cup of baking soda and detergent then utilize this mixture to lather the sink and let it sit for about ten minutes. After that, scrub it well with a sponge to make sure that all the dirt is buffed away.

For an elegant look, clean the fans and the ventilators. The laundry basket is the most important aspect when cleaning the room; hence you should use a regular detergent and sponge for cleaning your laundry basket.

Try to keep your laundry room flooring clean by vacuuming the floor everyday and use a disinfectant and floor cleaner twice a week. Don’t forget, your washing machine also needs some cleaning of its own too. To completely clean your washing machine, load a full machine of hot water, without clothes, and add a cup of baking powder, bleach and vinegar then run it for a complete cycle.

To keep the drawers of your laundry smelling fresh, then you should place a dryer sheet in all the drawers. The best way to make your laundry room tidy and neat is to buy laundry room cabinets and allocate one cabinet for each person and store their clothing in there. Make sure to get laundry room cabinets that offer style as well as function. Finally, try to wipe off the washer, counter and floor when wet constantly, after you do your laundry.

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