The Best Ways to Create Classic and Primitive Homes with a Modern Touch by the Artistic Designs for Living

Finding the best designing team that understands your wishes and vision and then turn them professionally to reality is a confusing issue. Actually, you can trust the team of artistic designs for living whether you intend to build a new home or renovate the existing one.

If your home needs a renovation and you are eager to keep certain features, you have to tell your designers what you need exactly. When the Artistic Designs for Living begin the updating project of Edwardian Flat, the homeowner asked them to keep the Edwardian features such as the high ceilings and giant moldings. Accordingly, the team used classic designs in the internal and external settings such as grey and cream wooden cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, granite and marble surfaces, and a warm fireplace made of stone.

You may dream with a simple primitive life into your modern home, but unable to create harmony with such a unique mix. The Artistic Designs for Living try to create modern designs using primitive materials such as fur, natural wood, ropes, and primitive leather furniture. When you see the neutral colors, the simple frames, and the primitive patterns of the home, you will feel its warmth and elegance at the first glance.

If you will mix modern and traditional designs in a certain home, you should consider the element of harmony. The team of Artistic Designs for Living created the forest side avenue, where the used modern chairs, colors, and wallpaper patterns along with traditional furniture pieces combining such elements by accessories and lighting fixtures.

You can hire a designer to remodel a certain part of your home including the kitchen and bathroom. The team of artistic designs for living designed a simple modern bathroom a custom designed vanity with a white sink and matching bathtub. The team is able to deal with the small space in the bathroom providing the place a creative storage space under the sink. In Menlo Park, the team provides the place a natural and sincere look using neutral colors such as grey, cream, and white accentuating the place with white and black patterns.
If you need to apply similar designs in your home and you are living near San Francisco, you can hire the team of Artistic Designs for Living. They provide several services including space planning, interior architecture, and custom furniture.