5 Big Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Whether you’re designing a new bathroom or renovating your old one, these following ideas will help you utilize the available space perfectly and turn your bathroom into a relaxing cozy, yet spacious, retreat without pulling down any walls.

Idea #1

The theory of not using dark colors in small spaces isn’t entirely right. Some of your favorite dark hues will actually make your small bathroom look larger. It’s all about the right type of textures and materials and as long as you have enough natural light, dark granite tiles will add a matchless visual elegance. Consider Moroccan tiles as well; with their durability and diversity in shapes, sizes, prints, and colors, they will add a virtual royal atmosphere.

Idea #2

If you don’t feel like breaking the rules just yet, then you should go for white colors unhesitatingly. White tiles, including marble and granite, will lend spacious, tranquil and peaceful effect to your bathroom. However, make sure you keep the tile prints to a minimum to avoid crowdedness – which can also be avoided by using large floor tiles.

Idea #3

Adding ample storage spaces is radically required in a small bathroom. Since storage solutions are widely variable nowadays, it wouldn’t be difficult to find ones that match your style and preferences; there are medicine cabinets, under-sink vanities, floating vanities, shower caddies, corner shelves, towel bars, just to name a few.

Idea #4

Since the floor space is limited, try exploiting the air space by adding a tall pedestal sink. Also, use small streamlined bathtub and a cool compact elongated toilet which will effectively make the room look more expansive.

Idea #5

The bright side of having a small bathroom is the opportunity to get higher-priced materials and technologically advanced options, even if you’re on a budget, since you’ll need small amounts of them. That will also be the best investment in case you ever considered a resell.