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Your own Billiard Room – Billiard Table

billiard room…. A dream come true!! Want to design your billiard room? Here you are, we have found the most awesome ideas for you. The first thing to think about is the spacing, an adult billiard table is nine feet long and an adult shooter will need about four to six feet to allow him to move freely. If your room is smaller than that, no worries billiard tables come in numerous shapes and sizes. The most important thing to start designing your billiard room is laying it all out on a paper first. Now, you have the right size and shape of your billiard table, let’s decorate it the room.

Decorating your billiard room is crucially important because it either puts the whole room together and harmonize it or it turns out in total mess. There are multiple decorating items that will change the look of your billiard room. First, think of the theme which you want to implicate, are you in love with a singer, an actor, a football team, a certain place or even a country? Well, if you don’t have any ideas yet, here are some. The painting of the room can be a neutral color  or a color that would match your billiard table. One popular accessory to be put is billiard lamps,they come in different shapes and color schemes. Now we have the light, let’s think of the music. If you want to involve a poolhall theme, a great choice will be an old fashioned juke box, if not, an mp3 stereo with surrounding sound speakers will be perfect. Another thing to put is a cue rack, there are hanging ones and fixed to the floor ones.

Now on to the next level, your room is now decorated with all the fundamental stuff that will you need to shoot a good game, but what about your loved ones? You can actually make this a room for the whole family, where all of you can sit together, and each is doing his own thing. Make a corner of the room where your children can play. Is your wife a fan of poker, install a poker table in the room where all of you can also enjoy your most favourite card games. Feeling thirsty yet, why don’t you install a built-in bar to make your room even more lovely, enjoy your favourite drink while shooting a game with your bffs. You can put antiques, posters, put something that gets you comfortable, put something that most represents you, make the room look like you, make it you! Ideas are numerous and the limit is the sky!

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