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Black and White Decorating Ideas

Decorating and painting your home in a theme of black and white is a great challenge as a single mistake can spoil the whole show and get up of the place. Decorating your dream black and white bedroom is easier with following the next tips:

White color is a versatile color as it grants your space an airy and fresh look and it can make your space look bigger than it really is. To make your bedroom more attractive and inviting, then all that you need is to opt for white background and black furniture.

To make your girl’s bedroom the best of its kind, then you should go for a plain white wall with pitch black prints of flowers, butterflies, birds, or stars. If you love darkness, then you should paint your room walls in black and add some snow white prints.

Keep in mind; white flooring can serve proudly as a perfect base to the furniture and accessories you would keep in your bedroom. To enhance the look of your black and white pattern bedding, opt for the bed which has only one color and not both black and white.

If your dressing table and study table are all white, there is no harm in the knobs/handles being black. When it comes to choosing your accessories, the color of your accessories should be opposite to the color of the base or background. If your room walls are white, opt for the curtain design which has more of black. For an elegant look to your room, opt for white side tables and place a black lamb on them.

In case you liked reading this article, you will surely adore taking a look at the following photos about black and white decorating ideas.