Black and White interior design bedroom

Although we don’t spend much time in bedroom ,it still the most important one , as it is place of rest and sleeping . So its design must be suitable for comfortable and quiet sleeping ,and also goes along with new fashions.

How can you catch up all these advantages? , let’s see.

The interior designers see that the white color with all its degrees can fit for bedroom paint ,either creamy , bright beige ,off white or pastel pink ,and recently they use some schemes opts like shiny apricot and peach for interesting look . But the big surprise this year is white and black combination for many reasons . The first one , these two sharp colors give the room an elegant and fashionable appearance , also their contrast reflect different feeling ,happiness and sadness , clarity and ambiguity etc . Secondly the white color act as a perfect background ,while the black can be used as a focal point or in highlight different details , they also can be accented with other colors like red , yellow, gold, green , etc which add a marvelous appearance . This combination is renewable and not fixed , so you can make some changes in the future with low costs .

Here you are some ideas to use white and black combination in a perfect manner for the design of bedroom :

1- For the small size room , the walls and ceiling must be painted with white color which give it wider look ,then you can accessorize it with shiny black focal points which take the eyes , like light fixtures , paints , large clocks ….. and so on.

2- For the curtains , it prefer to be white with simple luxurious and draping manner to allow entrance of the day light .

3- low beds and floating beds with futon style are used nowadays instead of old highly craved one . You can use white cotton linens with black and white striped bedding and pillows in different fabrics . Throw out many pillows with different colors and drawing to give exciting look.

4- You can also add small comfortable black chair and lush terry rug that can highlight the room . You can also freely add any other thing to your room and it will be in match.