Black and White Minimalist Kitchens

The simplicity and functionality are the main features of the minimalist kitchen. The sleek and elegant white and black kitchen is likely to achieve these features. However, designing such a kitchen will need a little planning and imagination to result in an eye-catching kitchen with maximum functionality.

The black and white minimalist kitchen should be clean all the time. You can use cabinets with special edge profiles to keep dust away from your utensils. These cabinets along with shelves should hide any possible clutter in your kitchen to get a sleek look. Your cabinets could be made of light wood, metal, or glass. In addition, you can use surfaces with invisible metal fitting to give your minimalist kitchen a spacious look.

To get a more spacious look, you can use black appliances and white units. For instance, you can paint your walls a white color and get black fridge, freezer, oven, kitchen machine, and microwave. On contrary, you can show a sleek and clean look using white cabinet, island, and countertops along with black walls, silver or aluminum boarders, laminate floor, and wooden shelves. The backsplashes may be painted white or grey colors or made of glass along with stainless steel or black appliances.

Your minimalist kitchen may be designed in a cube structure with a glossy finish. You can use a black, brick, or glossy- styled tiles for your minimalist kitchen backsplashes with matching granite worktops and slate tiles for the floor. Your kitchen’s accessories need to be few and functional. You can use your black no-stick surface pans and pots along with matching kitchen machine to decorate your minimalist kitchen. You can simply use a sleek framed picture for your family near your kitchens island to find a topic to talk about with your family members. This designation will show your elegance and refined taste.