Black White Vintage Bedroom Design Ideas

Using black and white as a bedroom color scheme is both audacious and practical. Vintage black and white bedroom will add beauty to the entire home. If you want to combine gold classic theme, along with the ultra modern combination of black and white, just read the following ideas:

To grant your room, an 18th century French feel, then you should use classy toile print fabrics on your room walls. Low ceilings should be a matte white to allow them to visually recede. For flooring, plain white base with black polka dots on it will create amazing look to your vintage bedroom.

If you want to give your bedroom a vintage feel, then you should go for antique wood furniture having a metallic touch to it and try to opt for a pretty chandelier. A lot of arc designs in your bedroom will enhance the vintage feeling. To add a dramatic look to your bedroom, try to get black furniture and place it against white walls.

If your furniture is all black, then your bedding should be snow white for contrast. To add a beautiful touch to your vintage black and white bedroom, use toile print curtains. To make your vintage bedroom more inviting, then all that you need is placing a vintage white jewelry box on the dressing table with black carvings.

While decorating your bedroom, make sure to opt for classy paintings. To liven up your vintage bedroom, display various vases, cups, plates and ornate accessories. Be sure to keep belongings stored out of sight and allow the walls colors to be the focal point of the room. Bronze and copper accessories are generally too warm to mesh with a black-and-white room.

If you are searching for more suggestions about black white vintage bedroom design ideas, look at the images below.

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