Blue and White in Bedrooms Nautical Designs

A nautical designed bedroom can simply be sufficient to create such an impressive environment that surrounds you with tranquility and relaxation without the need of having to live near by the sea . A nautical designed bedroom is considered one of the best suggestions for kids room . it is appealing so much for little boys and it is a desired design for a lot of grown people at the same time.

Like we know walls play a big part in the final look , you have many options for the walls you can choose from . Mostly blain white and navy blue is used for the paintings used for the walls , wallpapers can be a great suggestion too .

You can use different shades of blue start darker at the bottom and fades lighter as you go towards the ceiling , or you can use blue trims along with blain white background, you can also paint a wall with firm blue while the rest of the walls are white or have a large painted mural on one of the walls . you can find nautical themes borders available for purchasing and it is a great suggestion that makes a fabulous result in the final look of the entire room.

You can choose a nautical inspired painted bedding sets or can simply get striped white and light blue ones, blain sea blue or white bedding sets along with some dark red and dark blue cushions and live saving rings shaped cushions look ideal and fulfill the desired look eventually. Bamboo curtains and sand looking like rugs put highly attractive touches . Hanging fish models in fishing nets from the ceiling captains , anchors, sailing wheals and sailors models can be perfect objects to accessories your room .

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