Boys Bedroom Curtains Designs

Boys consider bedrooms as their forts, a place where they can rule their kingdom. For this reason a bedroom design that represents the personality of your boy is essential. The pieces that are easy to use to reflect boys personalities in their bedrooms are the curtains because they are easy to design. Choosing boys bedroom curtains design will be inspired from your boys wishes and you can also give them some of the suggestions below to choose from.

Before choosing the curtains design you need to consider the climate, your budget, the color scheme and the lighting in the bedroom. For instance, if the windows allow the entry of cool air, you will choose heavy material for the fabric of the curtain. However, if you need sunlight to enter through the curtains then you may choose light curtains. You can check local stores and online stores for boys bedroom curtains designs but you can save more money by customizing the curtains yourself.

You can get the desired fabric with its color then follow a guide for sewing curtains to make a unique boys curtain. You may even grab the boys’ sports shirts that they no longer use and make curtains for a sports themed bedroom. Involve your boys in the creative process so that you have a quality time and they get to appreciate their bedroom’s design.

When getting the boys bedroom curtains or the fabrics for the curtains, avoid designs that they might outgrow quickly such as baby cartoon motifs, floral designs and polka dots. There is a plethora of themes to choose if your boys don’t prefer plain curtains. Examples include car themes, their favorite sports theme, stars on dark blue fabric for astronaut theme, leaves or animal pictures for jungle theme, camouflage design for army theme and fish for underwater theme. All you have to do is consult your boys and your common sense and you will get wonderful curtains.